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Jasper De Buyst defeats Trentin in Binche-Chimay-Binche

Jasper De Buyst has sprinted to victory in Binche-Chimay-Binche, also known as the Memorial Frank Vandenbroucke. The race leaders already escaped after 30 minutes and the peloton never saw these guys back. Trentin showed very strong legs in the final, but De Buyst managed to follow and ultimately went over the Italian. Thanks to his […]

Ridley’s world championships: gold medal for Tom Pidcock

All world championship races in Bergen have been ridden. British talent Tom Pidcock placed Ridley Bikes in the spotlight as he won the junior time trial race on Tuesday. One day earlier Senne Leysen rode himself to a 6th place, only 5 seconds away from the bronze medal. On Saturday Polish leading lady Kasia Niewiadoma […]

British talent Tom Pidcock takes world title at junior men’s time trial

British junior cyclist Tom Pidcock has added another World Title to his palmares. He won the junior men’s time trial beating his closest competitor with almost 12 seconds. With Senne Leysen (U23) finishing only 5 seconds from bronze in yesterday’s race, Ridley’s young riders are definitely showcasing their talent in Bergen.

Tim Wellens pursues set of wins for Lotto Soudal at GP de Wallonie

Lotto Soudal keeps on winning races. After their memorable set of wins at La Vuelta, Tim Wellens has won the GP de Wallonie. The red-white formation controlled the whole race with 4 riders finishing in the top 7. “I confirmed my good shape today”, said Wellens, who is selected for the World Championships next week.

Six Ridley victories in 3 days!

With Thomas De Gendt winning stage 19 at La Vuelta and Anouska Koster winning the last stage and the GC at Lotto Belgium Tour Ridley’s victories count up to 6 in 3 days of racing. Every Vuelta win remarkably was ridden on a Helium SLX.

Sander Armée offers Lotto Soudal third victory at Vuelta

Lotto Soudal rider Sander Armée has offered a third victory to his team. He went in the early breakaway and outstanded his last fellow companions Alaphilippe and Lutsenko on the last climb. That way he won his first professional race of his career. “What a fantastic moment for me”, said the first time winner.

Mountain goat Stefan Denifl wins Vuelta stage at Los Machucos

Austrian Aqua Blue Sport rider Stefan Denifl has impressively won Vuelta stage 17, finishing at Los Machucos. He conquered the climb, which is considered one of the toughest of all grand tours this season, with ramps until 28% as the last survivor of the early breakaway. “I had super, super legs and I was waiting […]