In 2000, we started the development of the first Ridley carbon frame with one vision – to offer superior stiffness, stability and handling. These values became the core formula for our strength range and are still used today. Keeping form follows function in mind; we came to the conclusion that the diamond shape was the only shape that would meet the demands. Ridley’s Sharp Edge Design was born. In earlier days of carbon frame production, most carbon frames were built out of lugs and tubes. Monocoque construction had not yet become a stable and reliable process. 

The tube-to-tube technology of constructing these frames allowed us to control the wall thickness of the tubes and add reinforcements where needed. This resulted in a much stiffer and more impact resistant frame.

Our first carbon frame, the Damocles, was tested by our local teams in 2001. In 2003, our professional riders rode the frame to victory with 2 national championship wins; Geert Omloop (BE) and Roger Hammond (GBR). We were the first to introduce an oversized head tube connection between the frame and fork to increase the stability, particularly under acceleration and fast descents. This is an innovation that has now become an industry standard.