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Vantornout wins opening Superprestige race

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Belgian champion Klaas Vantornout was by far the strongest rider in de first Superprestige race of the season in Ruddervoorde. He attacked in the final lap, and was able to lose Nys and Meeusen. He finished solo on his Ridley X-Night, and took his second victory of the season.

In the second lap, there was a first real attack by Niels Albert. He had a 15 second lead in the fourth lap, but then Vantornout started to chase and quickly bridged the gap.  Nys and Meeusen were also able to catch up. A few moments later, Albert was dropped from the group, and there were three riders going into the last lap. Vantornout attacked, and neither Nys nor Meeusen could hold on to his wheel. He finished solo for his second victory of the season.

  1. Vantornout
  2. Nys
  3. Meeusen

Photo: Cyclingeye

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