Setting a new industry standard by creating a groundbreaking innovation: the First real integrated brake !

There is of course no doubt about the necessity of a brake on a bike! But this brake, like other bike components, creates turbulence and causes drag, restraining the speed a bike can obtain. That’s why it has been one of the main goals of bike manufacturers to integrate the brakes as much as possible.

Until now, many efforts have been made, yet no one was able to truly integrate the brake into frame and fork. Following years of in-depth testing, we therefore started developing our own brakes and integrated these into the frame and fork itself.

The result: the first real integrated brake. This innovative setup results in less drag and cleaner lines: a faster, sleeker and better solution.

In other words: the First brake in the world which makes you faster!

If you see the picture of this unique brake system there’s no need to tell the aerodynamic advantage of this brake. Normal brakes, which are obvious undesirable obstacles in the airstream, create turbulence while the position and shape of our speed brakes reduces the air resistance to a very minimum. Moreover, creating the brakes like this, we are able to lengthen the F-Splitfork™ from dropout to fork crown, giving the bike even more of an advantage.

For more information check: www.fast-concept.com