Stifness to weight

Since form follows function, nature tells us that the circle is the strongest shape while using the least material. To maximize side stiffness and stability, some areas of the round tubes had to be tapered and deformed.

Thanks to the evolution in frame construction techniques, our next step was to build a monocoque front triangle with the same quality as our tube-to-tube frames. In our quest to reduce weight, we changed very small but important details in the frame construction. We added a full carbon head tube to eliminate all metal sections and decrease the weight. Hollow molding technology in the bottom bracket area enabled us to remove a large amount of excess material, and allowed us to re-shape the tubes to maximize the lateral stiffness.

On the Helium SL frame, we use a blend of our highest strength carbon fi ber to ensure that we can keep the weight and unwanted fl ex to a minimum. Lastly, full carbon rear dropouts with a one-piece connection to the chain stay lower the weight by 30g per dropout. A frame from this range meets our high strength and stability standard, with a lower total weight.