Ridley, rooted deep in the heart of Flanders, Belgium, has one important goal – to have the best cross frames in the world. The Flemish addiction to the black art of cycling stems back to Belgium being one of the first countries to host its own national championship. This fervor continues to grow in Flanders with weekly attendance to cross races in the thousands, culminating in over 60000 people attending the 2012 WC cyclocross in Koksijde. Since 2002, Ridley riders have won 7 world championships and many national championships – Belgian, Dutch, American, British and Czech to name a few. The countless titles and victories are the benefi ts of a close partnership with all of our champions.

We were the first to introduce a full carbon cross frame, the first to have integrated seat posts, the first to introduce 1-1/8 1-1/2 tapered head tubes, and now we are leading the way in using disc brakes in our cross range. As standard, all of our models feature cross-specific geometry for world-class handling, top routed cables for a cable-free grip on the down tube, and flat shoulder spots for easy carrying. Our engineers are continually working with our pro riders to ensure we have the best cross range in the world. Cyclocross is Flanders, cyclocross is Belgium, we are Belgium. This is Ridley. The 4za Oryx fork, victor of countless world cup, superprestige and world championship races, takes its heritage from the Python fork and is completely overhauled since 2010. A massive 1-1/8 1-1/2 tapered fork crown eliminates front brake chatter. Oversized fork legs make the Oryx one of the most laterally stiff fork ever constructed. To shed off excess dirt, the Oryx has a specially constructed shape that reduces the surface areas where mud exposure is high.