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Let’s go aero! The Ridley Dean

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The Ridley Dean explained:

June 5, 2013. Time trial day in the Dauphiné. This is the moment when Ridley riders get their Dean out of the truck and on to the road.

The Dean has been around for a couple of years now and it still is an efficient, eye-catching machine. It was designed paying extreme attention at reducing drag. There is much more to the Dean than its aerodynamic tube shapes and the very distinctive aerodynamic ‘nose’ formed by the head tube. Characteristic of our Time Trial monster is the F-Splitfork and the F-Surface paint technology. Both are patented by Ridley and can therefore only be found on our aero bikes.

To improve your riding position on our Time Trial bikes we also offer our Adjustable Seat Angle (ASA) system. With the help of various integrated saddle clamps and aero seatposts with variable offsets this allows you to adjust the saddle placement to your perfect riding position.

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