We have a simple design philosophy here at Ridley—build the best riding bicycle, end of story. The seminal impulse for every design comes from cyclists - professional competitors, club racers and enthusiastic amateurs, all of whom share the same desire: to possess the best bicycle in the world. We computer-engineer desire into designs, and then bring them to life in prototype form. We then build a sequence of prototypes. We analyze tube profiles, materials and frame geometry. We stress-test in the laboratory, and then we ride-and-repeat until every bicycle that bears our name rides like a Ridley. 

Our carbon frames require over 100 pieces of carbon fiber material, and each layer of pre-impregnated fibers must be oriented to deliver the exact combination of strength and compliance. We used the power of our engineers to work out the ultimate layup sequence, we then apply a century of Belgian cycling heritage to ensure that the strength, stiffness and compliance values achieved in the laboratory-translate into Ridley’s now legendary performance on the road. Cycling is our passion, we apply it to everything we create.