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Tom Meeusen wins the Worldcup in Nommay

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Tom Meeusen of team Telenet-Fidea has won the Worldcup in Nommay. He beat Mourey and Walsleben in the sprint. Van der Haar takes the overall series victory.

Meeusen went for the early attack, together with Walsleben. Halfway into the race, the two leaders were joined by Mourey. They stuck together until the last lap. On the bell lap, first Meeusen, then Mourey took charge. Buoyed by a home crowd, the Frenchman pounded away at his pedals, but couldn’t shed the others. He led out the sprint, but was overtaken by Meeusen on his Ridley X-Night. Walsleben finished on place 3.

It is obvious that Meeusen returns home with a huge morale for the World Championships in Hoogerheide next weekend. "I'm very motivated for Hoogerheide, the course is only a 15min drive from my home, and my form is the best since a long time. I feel that I'm the best outsider, and I hope to show it again next week." says Meeusen.

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