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Eva Wutti’s victory in Barcelona-Maresme Challenge!

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Eva Wutti wins with the fastest marathon time and beat the track record at the Barcelona Challenge.

After a difficult start Eva Wutti (01:02:39) had a delay of 6 minutes behind the leading Lucie Reed (56:07) when she came out of the water. “I had slight problems of orientation in the water because I could not see the buoy,” Eva said after the race. The 180 km on the Ridley Dean were extremely hard. Nevertheless, Eve was able to close the gap a bit. For the 180 kilometers on the bike Eva did 04:46:37. After the bike part Eva had still a gap of 5 minutes on Reed. During the running part Wutti was unstoppable. With the fastest time in the women’s marathon with less than 3 hours (2:57:49) she took the victory with a total time of 8:51:01. “I was able to hold a fast tempo. Also the great atmosphere of the numerous spectators was very motivating for me during the 42 km.” Lucie Reed was able to take the second place before Tina Boman.


This was the last race for the season, “Now I’m looking forward the season break” Eva Wutti says after the race.

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