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Adam Hansen finishes 7 Grand Tours in a row

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Adam Hansen began his impressive series of Grand Tours in de Vuelta of 2011. In 2012 he rode the 3 Grand Tours in the same year for the first time. In 2013 he repeated that feature. In total, these 7 Grand Tours had more than 23.000 kilometers, divided over 147 stages.

Hansen did not just finish in these Grand Tours, he also wanted to attack. In this year's Vuelta he took 3rd place in a mountainous stage, and in the Giro he won the 7th stage! In the Tour de France he has to focus on helping his teammates Jurgen Van den Broeck and André Greipel, so there is not much room for him to attack.

Adam Hansen: "I think it was more of a challenge last year, as it was the first time. This year I was a lot more relaxed going into the 3rd Grand Tour of the season.I think it's nice to complete seven Grand Tours in a row. It's pretty incredible when you think about it and it does make me proud. I like to see how many I can do, I'm very happy Lotto Belisol enables me to have this kind of race programme. You need a team that supports you and that's what my team does. I like doing block racing, so that's why I like riding the three Grand Tours. In the end you have less travel days and are more at home. I like to train very specific and having a longer rest period gives me that opportunity. Other benefits are of course that you get free food, free rent, free laundry; you get taken care of (laughs). In that sense it's very relaxing too."

"When I completed the first Grand Tour I started thinking it would be nice to do them all in one year. I never said ‘okay this year I'm going to do it', because you have to be selected by the team and have to be injury-free and have to finish them all. When the opportunity came last year after I had both completed Giro and Tour I asked if I could do the Vuelta and some of the sports directors laughed at me, thought I was joking. But if I have the chance I'd like to continue to do this."

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