A new chapter in the Kanzo story

With our Kanzo range we are trying to inspire cyclists to start their own bike adventure and discover new places are rediscover what they thought they already knew. With #TheFinalBreakaway2 Thomas De Gendt and Tim Wellens are our troubadours that are discovering the Montañas Vacías region in Spain on a 700K bikepacking trip with the Kanzo Adventure. Watch the amazing scenery, their friendship, their story and get inspired.

Thomas De Gendt and Tim Wellens picked the Kanzo Adventure for their trip, because it offers the best frame options to take bikepacks and mount 47mm tires. They have also chosen their own custom Pure Line design and colors: a Pure Line Classic painted in ’19 – Pearl White’ and ‘349 – Candy Red Metallic’. 
Bikepacking in November can be quite the challenge. Lower temperatures and even snow (!) ask for a whole different preparation of your bikepacking checklist. But no worries, that’s something Thomas De Gendt covers with pleasure.
Their Kanzo Adventure bikes are fully packed with sustainable and water-proof bikepacks, typically on the handlebar and below the seat post. The extra packs on the front fork are necessary for multi-day trips that mostly cover remote, off-road places. Also notice the bottle below the down tube, used to carry spare parts and tools. 
It’s all about the scenery and adventure. Riding long hours, at your own pace. Deviating from the original track, when you feel curious to discover even more. A whole different experience. 
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