The KOM Jersey for Lasse Norman Hansen in Tour of Switzerland

Lasse Norman Hansen won the KOM jersey in the Tour of Switzerland. Hansen was already sure after the 7th stage. Nobody could win extra points during the time trial, so this was a formality for him. After Warbasse already had a heroic victory in stage 4, the victory was a perfect end for the team. Hansen was the leader of the classement since day 2, after an early get-away with teammate Conor Dunne. Hansen also attacked in stage 3. He claimed the points and the blue jersey.

Hansen: “It was a fantastic month. We had an amazing time here with the team and I’m very happy with this blue jersey. We came here with the intention to ride for our team, to give it all. But a victory and the KOM jersey go beyond all our expectations. I would like to thank the organisation for the invitation, but also our fans.”