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Counterfeit Ridley's

Buy only the real deal

Counterfeit Ridley's

Don’t be fooled by imposters. In the age of internet shopping, you may find bikes and frames appearing to be Ridley’s that are not. The pricing might seem incredibly low. While these bikes might appear to be the same on the outside, they are quite different on the inside. So different in fact that they can be dangerous to ride.

Every genuine Ridley goes through extensive quality control procedures during the manufacturing process ensuring not only top performance but also unparalleled safety. The most important step to making sure you purchase an authentic Ridley is to make sure you are purchasing it from an Authorized Ridley Retailer.

These can be easily located on our web site. Authorized Ridley Retailers meet special qualifications to make sure you get your Ridley delivered in optimum riding condition.If you have any other doubts, please send us an e-mail and we will help you determine the bike in questions authenticity.