Customize your bike


Ridley specializes in creating that unique bike which perfectly reflects your personality and style. This has been Ridley’s specialty since its inception back in 1997. With the use of our CUSTOMIZER program, simply choose your frame then decide on a colour combination to fit your taste. Or go for the Pure Line CUSTOMIZER where you can choose both your colour scheme and design for the ultimate in personalisation.

You can further customize your dream machine with our Dreambuilder program where you can choose your wheels, groupset, cockpit and much more. Once you’ve chosen your frame, design, paint scheme, and components, simply print the PDF and take it to your local dealer to be ordered.

All customized bikes are painted and assembled in our main office in Flanders, Belgium. No matter which customization build you go for, be prepared for your bike to take over the spotlight! When it’s chilling at the café after a nice ride, surrounded by a sea of usual bike brands and styles, all eyes will be on your prize machine.


Create your custom Ridley now!