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Expected delivery: Wednesday 31 July 2024
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Optimize Your Cycling Performance with our Cutting-Edge Low-Speed Wind Tunnel ​  (1h)

Welcome to our state-of-the-art low-speed wind tunnel, designed exclusively for the cycling industry. Our revolutionary facility allows us to precisely measure the resistance that athletes, bicycles, and other objects encounter while navigating through the air. By reducing this resistance, you can achieve higher speeds with less effort.

​ Aerodynamics plays a crucial role in this process, affecting both your body and bike's frontal surface as well as the airflow around the test object and the resulting turbulence. Our expertise extends beyond mere measurements - we excel at optimizing aerodynamics to maximize your cycling potential. ​

Imagine cycling faster, effortlessly harnessing the power you already possess. Our comprehensive approach ensures that you can achieve peak performance by training smart, not hard. Say goodbye to unnecessary exertion and welcome a new era of cycling efficiency.​Unleash your true potential on the road.

Join us today and revolutionize your cycling experience.


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