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Vittoria tested their newest road bike tires in the wind tunnel at Bike Valley

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For high performing athletes who participate in sports in which speed is crucial, drag is the biggest obstacle to achieving their peak performance. With this in mind, Vittoria developed the Corsa Pro, their latest road bike tires. According to Vittoria, these tires not only provide less rolling resistance but also less air resistance compared to their previous models. Vittoria recently visited the wind tunnel at Bike Valley to test this with Ridley's Noah Fast, an aerodynamic racing bike.
Vittoria has been focusing on aerodynamics for many years. The tire manufacturer has been working hard in recent years to improve the aerodynamic performance of their tires. To get a good understanding of the aerodynamic performance of all their models (in different tire widths), Vittoria conducted tests in Bike Valley's wind tunnel. They brought four of their own models in 25mm and 28mm for this purpose. All tires were tested on the same DT Swiss ERC 1400 45 wheelset since the aerodynamic performance of a tire also depends on the rim it is mounted on. The tests were conducted on a Ridley Noah Fast, our aerodynamic racing bike.

Our Noah Fast itself has been extensively tested in our wind tunnel during development. Every tube of the Noah Fast, from the front fork to the rear triangle, has an optimized NACA profile. These profiles, developed by NACA (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, established to conduct aeronautical research), are the basis for aerodynamic models. The cables are integrated into the handlebar and stem. Thanks to advanced technology and hours of wind tunnel testing, the Noah Fast is aerodynamically world-class.

During a wind tunnel test, the airflow around the Noah Fast and tires is simulated. The bike was placed on a turntable capable of producing different wind angles. The tests of the Corsa Pro and Corsa Pro Control were conducted at two different speeds (40km/h and 60km/h) and wind angles (0 degrees and 5 degrees). This resulted in four runs per tire. Sensors were used to measure the resistance produced by the tires, and this data was then analyzed to determine how the tires performed in terms of aerodynamics compared to the previous Corsa Control generation.

The results of the wind tunnel test are impressive. The tests show that the Corsa Pro and Corsa Pro Control tires have significantly better aerodynamic performance than their predecessors. Additionally, the new tires were also tested for resistance to punctures and weight, both of which have been improved. The wind tunnel test at Bike Valley shows that Vittoria's efforts to improve the aerodynamic performance of their tires have paid off.
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