Mobile and Stylish in the City!

The Ideal Bike for the Modern Urban Dweller

Introducing the Urbx E-Bike: the perfect bicycle for the modern urban dweller. Often faster than a car, healthier, and more sustainable, the Urbx E-Bike is also ideally suited for commuting or for adventure and exploration, embodying the spirit of ‘urban exploring’. The Bafang G310 motor provides a pleasant ride on flat terrain and ample power uphill. Wherever you go, do it in style with the Urbx E-Bike!
The bicycle is the transport mode of both the present and the future. On two wheels, you can casually commute between home, work, or school, explore your surroundings healthily, and enjoy the outdoors instead of being frustrated in traffic. With these ideas in mind, our product developers designed the Urbx E-Bike.

Ridley is mainly known for producing performance bikes. It was a significant challenge to bring an urban bike to market that meets our high standards. The result of months of work is a top-quality bike that immediately stands out. The Urbx is not ‘just’ a bike, but a lifestyle on wheels.

Light and User-Friendly

The Urbx is exceptionally comfortable. Thanks to its lightweight design, you can easily carry it up stairs and park it conveniently. Based on feedback from various users, the saddle and handlebars were designed for maximum comfort. The Urbx allows you to energetically pedal through the city while always maintaining a stable feel. The city can sometimes be demanding for a two-wheeler, but with the Urbx, you always stay in control.

The saddle from Ergon offers optimal comfort and the necessary freedom of movement. The same goes for the Ergon grips, which maintain comfort while preserving a dynamic and sporty style. With these grips, you keep your hold, and your palms, fingers, and thumb fit perfectly on the handlebars.

Drive System

You can choose between two versions of the bike's drive system. Opt for the belt drive, which requires minimal maintenance and can last for tens of thousands of kilometers. Rain or shine, a squeaky chain is a thing of the past. This version does not have gears, but the ratio is perfectly matched to the motor's assistance.

The second option is the traditional chain with a derailleur, offering a broader range and the ability to shift gears in the classic manner. This version features a robust Shimano Deore drivetrain with 10 gears.


The Bafang G310 motor with 250 W and 30 Nm can handle any terrain, and the integrated 360 Wh battery provides ample range while making it barely noticeable that you're riding an e-bike. The choice of Bafang was deliberate. Our developers extensively tested the motor's capabilities, offering a range of up to 80 kilometers on flat roads, sufficient for commuting. These bikes do not need the most powerful motor; the preference is for a natural cycling experience. With this motor and battery, we find the balance between weight, power, and capacity.


The front and rear lights are neatly integrated into the handlebars and seat post, giving the bike a sleek and modern look. The other components are designed with reliability in mind, ensuring the construction can withstand the unpredictability of the city.

This is evident in the solid aluminum fender, which protects against splashing dirt and features an integrated carrier for attaching panniers.

You brake with Shimano’s powerful and reliable hydraulic disc brakes, known for their quality. These disc brakes offer predictable control, which is always essential in the city. Even in unexpected braking situations, you can always rely on these brakes.


With this new e-bike, you not only travel easily but also in style. No sweaty body or sore legs upon arrival, but rather admiring glances from colleagues at the sleek and stylish design. The carbon fork and aluminum frame provide the look you're after. No large lettering or special frills: the ‘less is more’ principle applies to this bike.

The Urbx is available in a high-tube version in sizes S, M, L, and a low-step model in sizes S, M. All models offer the choice between belt drive and chain with derailleur. The Urbx is available starting at €2,399.

The Urbx is for everyone who wants to move with a fresh mind and enjoy the freedom that lies between home and destination on an e-bike. Sporty and stylish through the city? It’s possible with the Urbx. With a clear head, you’re always ready for the next challenge waiting for you!


Mobile and stylish in the city

The Urbx e-bike is the ideal bicycle for the modern city dweller. With the Urbx, you are often faster than by car, and it is also healthier and more sustainable. The e-bike is also perfectly suited for commuting or for adventure and discovery, because Urbx stands for ‘urban exploring’. The Bafang G310 motor provides a pleasant pace on the flat and enough power uphill. Wherever you go, with the Urbx e-bike, you do it in style!

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