X-Ride Disc

X-Ride Disc GRX 600 2x XRI04As(M)

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About X-Ride Disc

With the incorporation of disc brakes, the X-Ride Disc is that bit more versatile. No matter the weather conditions, you’ll always be in control of your speed. This especially comes in handy when taking on slippery mud descents where expert speed modulation is required. It can also be key in your rainy commute where you may need to come to a full stop in a split second.

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Hydro tubing

Our aluminium bikes are made of high-quality alloy, carefully built into cool Ridleys using innovative tech. Ideal for all your adventures.

Women-specific Bikes

Geometries based on gender are outdated. Everyone is unique! Ridley recommends bike-fitting and a custom build with our Ridley Configurator.

CX geometry

The X-Night is developed for top level cross racing. It's the ideal geometry that perfects shouldering, cornering, balance and acceleration.


  • Type Cyclo-cross
  • Family X-Ride Disc
  • Groupset Shimano GRX600 2x11sp
  • Brakes Disc
  • Weight 9,62 - 10,13 kg
  • Frame material Aluminium
  • Cassette Shimano 105 R7000 // 11s // 11-32
  • Saddle Selle Italia Model X // Black
  • Tires Vittoria Terreno Mix Cyclocross // 700x33c
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About the X-Ride family

Have you always wanted to ride cyclocross, but are not ready to directly invest in a carbon X-Night model? Or need a more budget-friendly CX bike to build up your fleet for racing? Maybe you're looking for an all-year commuting bike or winter training bike that loves when you take the long way home through the woods. Then the X-Ride is the perfect solution for you.

The X-Ride is designed using the same modern technologies as the X-Night and shares many qualities such as spot-on handling and wider tire clearance. It can handle basically anything you throw its way, to include a full season of cyclocross racing, weekday trainings, or weekend playtime through the woods. And all this at a budget-friendly price point.


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