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Ridley x Classified Gravel Test Event

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Take part in our exclusive Test Events

Belgian Power! The coolest gravel bike combined with a revolutionary new shifting system, that's the Ridley Kanzo Fast with Classified. That's why we organise exclusive test events at BikeValley, Beringen, next summer.

Ridley and Classified will put 10 gravel bikes ready for you to test them on one of the beautiful test courses around BikeValley.

Ridley Kanzo Fast x Classified Gravel Test Events


  • Saturday 10 July, 2021 - capacity: 10 persons
  • Sunday 11 July, 2021 - capacity: 10 persons

Used bikes:

  • Ridley Kanzo Fast in custom colours
  • Classified gear system

Test Course:

  • 50km
  • Start and arrival: BikeValley, Paal-Beringen

Layout day (hours will be announced later):

  • Welcome session
  • Short introduction about the Kanzo Fast
  • Short introduction to Classified
  • Prepare bikes
  • Test course
  • Refreshments after the bike ride

Kanzo Fast Details

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