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most asked questions about a ridley bike

Where do I find my bike serial number?
You can find this on the bottom bracket of your frame. It is a sticker with 5 or 6 digits. Max 6 digits, no bar code (that’s another sticker). 
Is my Ridley real or a fake?
There are a number of differences between a real Ridley and a fake. First of all, there will always be a serial number on the bottom of the bottom bracket. That’s a stickers with 5 or 6 numbers that will be retraceable by Ridley dealers.

Other important differences are the head tube, bottom bracket and the liners. A fake Ridley will have liners that come out of the frame. With a real Ridley they are totally integrated.

If you doubt if your Ridley is a real or a fake, please do not hesitate and send us some pictures.
I crashed and my bike is totalled. Can Ridley help?
Yes, we can offer you a Crash Replacement discount. 

Our Crash Replacement procedure works as following: we give a discount on new frames, this discount is 30% on the value of that frame. Our Crash Replacement is valid within our 5 years factory warranty period:

Does that mean you need to buy the same frame? No. An example: your Noah frame is broken, you want to order a Noah SL frame. You will get a 30% discount on the value of your Noah frame, that discount will go off the price of your new Noah SL.

What are our conditions? You need to bring along your old, broken frame to your Ridley dealer. He will accept your frame and send it to us. We will keep that frame at our factory. Our Customer Service will confirm the delivery and your Crash Replacement and then you can get your discount.
Where do I find the exact weight of a Ridley?
The weight of our frames you’ll always find on the frame passport page. The entire weight of a bike, you won’t find on our website. Why’s that? Because we can’t guarantee the correct weight. Every part has its own margin of error and every supplier has it its own limit.

That makes it hard to give a correct weight or a fair margin of error. That’s why we decided to give only our frame weight with our margin of error. That we can control.
Does my Ridley has a detailed document of spare parts etc?
You can check this information in the frame passport we have online available. In this passport we have gathered and are still gathering every bit of information our customers can use.

The Frame Passport page is the second tab on our Technical Info Page.
Something is wrong with my bike? Can you help me please?
If you're in doubt, please send us an e-mail. We try very hard to answer them as good as we can. 

If you're sure this is a warranty claim, please go to your Ridley dealer. We actually never advise on warranty through e-mail. There are often too many variables to take into account. I’m really sorry and hope we don’t disappoint you.

How do we work on warranties? You’re always at liberty to go to a Ridley dealer and ask him to check your bike. If the dealer doubts he will ask to leave the bike with him and he will contact our Customer Service Department.
Before you go to the dealer please collect following documents: the proof of purchase. With the serial number (sticker of 5 or 6 digits on the bottom of the bottom bracket of your frame) he can check every bit of important details of your frame.

If you’ld like you can always send some pictures of the problem and your serial number to us. I will send it already to the Customer Service. That way they are informed about the problem and will be able to help the dealer faster.

most asked questions about Ridley website

How does this Customizer work?
Most Ridley frames are customizable. Some have the Customizer option, others the Pure Line option and others have both. Our Ridley Customizer has two possibilities. On the one hand you have the Customizer, on the other hand the Pure Line. The Customizer creates new color combinations on the existing design.

The Pure Line takes away the design and creates a humble but powerful design. It has two colors, one background color and one Ridley color. You can play with these designs and colors in our Customizer you’ll find on every bike page of the bikes that are customizable. Once you’re ready you can click on ‘Save as PDF’.

The PDF will contain the bike name, color codes and your design. With this PDF you can go to your Ridley dealer. He will be able to put these data into the ordering system.
Where do I find a price list?
You can find this on our Price List page

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