Mud for supper at Gavere

Unrecognizable riders at the finish line
The cyclo-cross race in Gavere has a well-known reputation. The military domain track offers the highest standard in mud, deep grooves, sliding tires, pedaling power and steering technique. No better place to see what fall has to offer. Especially when heavy rain showers cover the horizon the whole weekend long. Our riders were almost unrecognizable at the finish line. Their faces were completely covered in dirt. They received mud for supper. Relive real Belgian cyclo-cross via the images below. 

A close look reveals the faces of male elite riders Michael Vanthourenhout, Kevin Pauwels and female elite/U23 Laura Verdonschot. Did you miss this year's race? Better make sure you're close to the action next year if you want to experience what Belgian cyclo-cross is really about. 

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