X-Ride Disc


About the X-Ride range
The X-Ride sports a slightly more relaxed cyclocross geometry which increases its versatility. Delivering the same modern technologies used to design the X-Night, it’ll enthusiastically tackle a full cyclocross season with you. But as it is not a pure cx race machine, it is also perfectly suited for long commutes or to serve as your winter training bike. Go ahead and take it on your local mountain bike trails for a bit of technical fun. The X-Ride can handle it all. Its internal cable routing keeps cables clean and easy to maintain.

Compatible with mechanical shifting only.

About the X-Ride Disc
With the incorporation of disc brakes, the X-Ride Disc is that bit more versatile. No matter the weather conditions, you’ll always be in control of your speed. This especially comes in handy when taking on slippery mud descents where expert speed modulation is required. It can also be key in your rainy commute where you may need to come to a full stop in a split second.

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Shimano GRX800 2x From 2.199,00 EUR
Shimano GRX600 2x From 1.899,00 EUR
Frame / Fork From 849,00 EUR

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