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Voldoende inspiratie?

Creëer dan nu je eigen gepersonaliseerde Ridley!
Helium X
Candy Red (512- - Blue (34)
Smaller, local teams have always been using this design. Additional touches on the inner side of the front and rear fork. 
Fenix SL
Candy Red (512- - Blue (34)
Noah Fast Special
Our top model deserves its own Pure Line, doesn’t it? Multiple touches on the tubes and forks of the frame, with the handlebar being painted in the same base color. Truly distinctive. 
Helium X
Candy Red (512- - Blue (34)
Classic (& Classic Heritage)
A sober design. Classy, without shenanigans and therefore so beloved. Do you like the Heritage logo? Then we’ll change it through the Classic Heritage design.
Candy Red (512- - Blue (34)
An extra-large Ridley logo on the down tube and the entire front fork in the same color as the logo. Introduced in 2019.