Fenix SL Disc Classics

The Oude Kwaremont
Flanders. Cobbles. Steep slopes. Cycling champions. Few can use the "Made in Belgium" or "Made for cobbles" quality mark. We can. To celebrate that, we headed for the Flemish Ardennes with our Fenix SL Disc. We took a Lotto Soudal pro with us and drummed a "regional de l’étape" for a day of devouring cobblestones.
Oude Kwaremont
Do you know what’s the most difficult about the Oude Kwaremont? The part after the actual climb. Every time we ride it, we swear on the first part, but we die on the second.

If you’re riding towards the Kwaremont, the road suddenly changes from concrete to cobblestones. Really bad cobblestones. Higgledy-piggledy paved or just thrown on the road? But you keep pushing.
After 500m of intense suffering, you arrive at the market square. Your mind tells you to turn right. Bike against the wall, entering the local cafe. But that we won’t do. The pros don't have that luxury either.

Then you start. More than a kilometer at low elevation, but continuously increasing. And again, those bad cobblestones. After 500m on steep sections, lactic acid is coursing through your veins. Your speed is decreasing. Half km/h after half km/h, no sudden death, but slowly losing power.
Beware! Pro riders are often sheltered from the wind by a huge crowd on the edges of the foothills, but are you? If you climb the Kwaremont during the year you’ll be at the mercy of the blowing wind after the Kwaremont Square.
– Belgian Cycling Factory Knowledge
Today the Oude Kwaremont has a central role in the Tour of Flanders, but that wasn’t the case until 1973. Back then it was the Kwaremont (without "Oude") that was ridden, a road that connected Berchem and Ronse.

After the road modernizations of the government the Kwaremont became an easy-to-conquer concrete road of barely 4%. A piece of cake, but the municipality of Kwaremont didn’t to lose its passage in the Tour of Flanders.
That’s why the city council started looking for an alternative. They found the ‘Oude Kwaremont’. Since 1974 it has been climbed more than 100 times in all cobblestone classics.

The Oude Kwaremont used to be the opener of the final and in the past 6 years it even became the central location of the course. Perhaps it’s best-known from Sagan’s fall in 2017.
The Forza R45 wheels are ideal for rolling Flemish roads and omnipresent cobblestone sections. The 45mm high rims offer optimal aerodynamics and are more than sufficiently stiff without compromising on comfort.

An ideal wheelset for the Flemish classics.
– Belgian Cycling Factory Knowledge