About the Dean range
Dean is the ultimate speed machine that’ll have you jetting off the starting ramp or flying out of the transition area. Every detail is designed with optimal turbulence reduction in mind. Comfort is also carefully considered so you can get the most out of your body. From its smart F-Surface Plus teardrop tubing and paint texturing to its hi-tech system integration ranging from fully adjustable aero cockpit to seatpost.

One detail that we’re especially proud of is its dropouts. We’ve opted for standard road bike dropouts on both sides of the bike that can be easily swapped out for other dropouts of varying sizes. This allows you to easily switch tire sizes while keeping your rear wheel nicely tucked into the back of the seat tube at all times. A side benefit of having standard road bike dropouts is that you can simply remove the rear wheel when packing it into a bike box or into your car.

Both cockpit and saddle are completely adjustable so you can nail your unique tuck position. We’ve also incorporated internal cable routing to further reduce the Dean’s drag. Cable routing is simple for easy cable changes as well as maintenance.

About the Dean FAST
Dean FAST is our fastest bike on offer. It expertly slices through wind with its incorporated F-technologies. This includes our F-Split Fork, F-Surface Plus (in seatpost, down tube and spacers below extension and armrest), and F-brakes which are completely integrated into the front fork. Its cockpit is completely integrated in the top tube for the ultimate in aerodynamics.

Complete adjustability in the cockpit and saddle position so you can comfortably stay in that fully aero tuck for extended periods of time. The armrests and extension are completely independent from each other to better help you nail your perfect seated position. You can also add or subtract spacers to adjust your arm angles when in the tuck position. Fully internal cable routing as well as integrated seatpost clamp adds that extra touch in cheating the wind. It also helps you to look good while doing it.

Available in electronic shifting only.

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Shimano Dura Ace Di2 From 9.999,00 EUR
Shimano Ultegra Di2 From 6.699,00 EUR
Frame/ Fork From 3.999,00 EUR

Prices, colors and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


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