Liz A


About the Liz range
Our Liz is the quintessential “all-round” women’s bike. The female-spec’d version of our Fenix frame, the Liz offers a perfect blend between performance, weight, strength, stiffness and especially comfort for long days in the saddle. Its unique diamond shape tubing creates reinforced edges for a robust frame with increased impact-resistance.

While this bike expertly handles top competition, it is also perfectly suited for the part-time racer or recreational rider in terms of performance, comfort and cost. It’s the optimal bike for tackling your next Gran Fondo or extended tour through the Flemish Ardennes.

Spec’d with female-specific components for increased comfort. Handlebar with shallower drops, slightly shorter stem, anatomically-correct saddle, zero-offset seatpost and female-appropriate gearing of 50-34 / 11-28 makes is an absolute pleasure for women to ride.

Compatible with both mechanical and electronic shifting.

About the Liz A
The Liz A is made of lightweight 6061 triple-butted aluminium. We’ve designed it to deliver the same feel as the Liz carbon version. It’ll inspire you to ride all day…and get up the next day to repeat it all over again! Equipped with caliper brakes for easy maintenance, especially when the weather turns foul and pads need to be changed often.



105 ML From 1.299,00 EUR
Tiagra From 1.199,00 EUR
Frame/Fork Set From 649,00 EUR


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