X-Bow Disc


About the X-Bow range
The X-Bow is our highly versatile all-road bike. While it is ideal for those who are just entering into the world of cyclo-cross, it can also finely function as a road or gravel bike. Designed with 36mm tire clearance, just change the tires and off you go! With a more relaxed, sloping geometry than the X-Night and X-Ride, it handles brilliantly on all terrains. Equipped with mounts for mudguard and rear rack for riding to work or around town.

Compatible with mechanical shifting only.

About the X-Bow Disc
Equipped with flat-mount disc brakes, the X-Bow Disc offers precise braking control in all weather conditions. Perfect for that Sunday stroll through muddy corn fields and down the side of a slick grassy pasture – otherwise known as Belgian cyclocross racing. Or it can be used for a winter training or commuter bike. With the X-Bow Disc, you have full permission to go off the beaten path!

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Shimano Tiagra From 1.099,00 EUR
Frame/Fork Set From 699,00 EUR

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