Saleta Castro wins IronMan of Maastricht

She took the lead on her bike and kept a gap in the marathon
Saleta Castro has won the IronMan of Maastricht in an amazing time of 09:37:17. It was her very first IronMan, but she quickly took the lead in the race after coming out of the water 2nd. She remained strong on the bike and ran the entire marathon in first position.

Saleta Castro explained her race herself after the finish line. “Sunday’s race has been one of the toughest of my life. I knew I would be among the leaders on the swim but to be first just outside T1 was not at all in the plan. I decided to do a first half leg pushing but not killing myself on the bike. Already in the second lap I started visualizing how I wanted to run, because races are won or lost on the marathon. Just outside T2 I was perfectly conscious I could win. My half marathon time was 1h32’, so I started to think that maybe I was going to be able to break my 3h04’ time of last year. At km 25 the pace was slowing a bit and what to say about the last lap of 10 kms: hell must look like this. I just wanted to finish the whole thing, even I was feeling good cramps were preventing me from running as I wanted. It was not until km 40, at the time I was running over the Maastricht cobbles, when I really thought I was going to win the race. To be honest I did not really enjoy those last two kilometers, because pain was so brutal that I hadn’t enough room in my mind to realize that I was achieving my dream. At 600 meters from the finish line I spotted my coach and we gave each other a high five. Afterwards I started to smile, to relax and to enjoy the moment. I wanted to cry and scream but the pain was so hard that I was not conscious that I had won.” An incredible performance of this Spanish lady and an amazing description of how it feels winning an IronMan. 

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