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Ridley Technology

F-Surface Plus

Whenever you hear the word ‘fast’, your pulse starts racing. That’s probably also why this catalogue caught your eye. You’re intrigued by speed and aerodynamics. Basically, you’re a human speed machine, living life in the fast lane. That’s why you might not have the time to flip through the whole catalogue. So here’s a short summary of our new groundbreaking technology. In other words: the ‘fast’ version of our FAST-concept. Most brands work in the same way, only focusing on streamlining the bike with droplet shaped tubes. For us, this is only the beginning. Our engineers, in their constant strive to develop the fastest bike in the world, analyzed aerodynamics to the bone. Throughout years of in-depth wind tunnel testing, they discovered 3 major issues that cause drag and restrain the speed a bike can obtain. They found a solution for each one of them. The result: the FASTconcept. A tripod concept containing 3 groundbreaking technologies. F-Surface™: a textured surface applied to strategic locations on the frame, letting air travel smoothly around the frame instead of detaching and creating drag.