Fenix 'Cobble Comfort'

Why you remain seated on the Flemish cobble sections

'Cobble comfort'

The Fenix is the perfect bike to tackle the roughest of terrains. It will smooth out the different cobblestone sections that you’re conquering in the slipstream of the pros during your Spring Classics ride. The Fenix characteristics below offer you the advantage you’re looking for.

Rear triangle shape
The rear triangle of the Fenix is slightly longer which increases the bike’s wheelbase for added stability and comfort. It also allows for larger tires up to 28mm for further increased comfort and versatility.

Seat stays shape
The slimmer seat stays offer the solution for a bumpy ride through the Flemish Ardennes. Vertically they are flattened as much as possible to increase shock absorption, but horizontally they stay broad in order to keep the necessary stiffness to adequately transfer the power that you put on the pedals into speed.

Seat stays carbon lay-up
The carbon lay-up of the Fenix seat stays offer you the comfort that you’re looking for. It’s specifically designed to guide you through the cobble vibrations.

Fenix fork
The fork is another important feature to increase comfort on Classics roads. Shocks will be more easily absorbed thanks to the slightly slooping front fork.