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The shape of the Helium / Aura

Designed to be as light as possible

Not ‘just a circle’

The Helium / Aura frame is at the absolute highest level when it comes to stiffness to weight ratio. We’ve designed it to be as light as possible (750g for SLX size M) to tackle the longest, steepest climbs. Yet still stiff and durable enough to take the likes of André Greipel (Lotto-Soudal) putting all his power on it in a sprint. We’ve not just focused on weight but performance since it has to satisfy the most demanding of our pro cyclists.

It’s all in the tubing, especially with the Helium as it is easily our most complicated frame. The shape of the tubing has to be exact, including its tapering for selective lateral, vertical and horizontal stiffness. Some of these details can be seen when simply looking at the frame, such as the inner bulge of the chainstays for added lateral stiffness.

Then there’s the carbon layup of this intricately laid out machine. Incorporated into the frame is 60, 40, 30, and 24-ton high-modulus carbon fibre (exact layup varies between Helium / Aura frame models). We have meticulously designed the perfect carbon layup for each millimetre of the frame. The carbon layup combined with the other tubing details give the Helium / Aura that feeling of floating in air while maintaining that stiffness needed for exemplary power transfer. We’ve also weaved in a nice level of comfort to allow you to go the distance. Its longer head tube adds that extra adjustability option for raising the handlebar a bit for a more comfortable riding position.