What a race!
What an attack!

Perfect Start for the Helium SLX Disc
Paris-Tours, one of the oldest cycling races on the calendar. It is one of the best-known Autumn Classics and although it is no longer in the list of most prestigious races, it still attracts every year a lot of the absolute world-class riders.

On the roads towards Tours, there are annual recurring elements. The wind is definitely one of them. It was again amply present this year. This time it was a tough headwind that made the race extremely difficult. Numerous riders gave it up early in the race.

It soon became clear that some riders still had wonderful legs. Jelle Wallays was definitely one of them. When he accelerated 50 km from the finish, no one followed.

"Disappointing," Jelle immediately thought. After all, he wanted to use an acceleration to detach a smaller group from the pack. Leaving on an adventure all by himself was not the intention. Wallays nevertheless persisted. Successfully!

Groupama chased, but Jelle Wallays continued to take more seconds. He forced the top riders to take action, but what turned out to be? Wallays was the best of the pack! What a perfect start for the first game of the Helium SLX Disc. We could not have wished for a better start.

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