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Want to experience the Tomorrowland vibe during your cycling sessions?

Our unique clothing & accessories line will suit you perfectly. With the colors of Invenio, you'll feel the festival's beat with every pedal stroke. With these products you’ll be more ready than ever to explore together.
tomorrowland x ridley tomorrowland x ridley tomorrowland x ridley tomorrowland x ridley
The sweeping line graphic on the cycling shirt, gracefully mimic the fluid motion of Amare, the mythical bird which symbolizes the spirit of exploration and limitless voyage in Tomorrowland’s universe. These profound values intertwine harmoniously with the name ‘Invenio’, a testament to the sheer joy of exploration, the art of discovery, and the magic of a journey with friends.

bibshort & shirt

Experience high-quality, durable cycling clothing in the theme of Invenio. The fit is adjusted to ensure maximum comfort and freedom of movement in cycling position, without compromising the aerodynamic aspect. Tight, in cycling position preformed pants with suspenders in superelastic and durable materials. The shirt features short sleeves (extending just before the elbow), a custom Tomorrowland zipper closure, and is made of lightweight, super elastic material. It can be worn in all weather conditions and directly on the skin.
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Unique Tomorrowland
cycling cap

Are you looking for optimal protection against rain or sun? Our cycling cap does it all. The unique design of Invenio sets the right mood for you to explore the world together, while enjoying the authentic cycling look. Whether you're cycling or watching a race, with this cycling cap, you can make a stylish statement!
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Tomorrowland bottle

Give your Invenio outfit the finishing touch with this matching bottle. Take a sip and go explore the world together with friends. With this bottle you'll always stay hydrated.
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Invenio literally translates from Latin into “I discover”, “I find”, “I come upon”, which perfectly describes what the collaboration of Tomorrowland and Ridley embodies. Empowering people around the world to unite and explore the world together on all terrains. This collection allows you to experience true freedom, sharing moments of friendship and adventure.


We're at the heart of the Belgian cycling culture, whereas Tomorrowland is one of the biggest festivals in the world and pioneers in the festival industry. In this collaboration, we offer a custom range of bikes and merchandise to embark on a world- exploring journey, together. The design is inspired by Amare and symbolizes some of Tomorrowland's most important values, including love, friendship, and unity. More info
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