The story behind the development of the Noah Fast
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The story behind the development of the Noah Fast

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Designing the fastest road bike with the best fit ever. That was the goal of the prestigious project named "Noah Fast". With this in mind, our R&D engineers set out to give their absolute all to investigate the limits of aerodynamics. This was a whole new chapter in the Noah story. Two technologies specific to Ridley played a major role in this development: F-Tubing and F-Surface Plus. These technologies were already used on previous Noah and Dean models, but they were further optimised and applied to the different intersections of the frame and fork. You can read more about these crucial technologies below. While investigating the limits of aerodynamics, we have always kept an ultimate fitting in mind. Ergonomics are key when it comes to designing a professional roadbike. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. No two riders are the same, and every millimetre counts. We span the market using five different frame sizes, three different types of steerer spacers and six handlebar stem lengths (each with four different bar widths).


Proper tube sections are the prime ingredient of any professional bike. It's the best indicator of a frame's aerodynamic quality. F-Tubing profiles will perform like a traditional drop shape while facing a straight airflow, but they will reduce the amount of turbulence that would occur when an airflow hits the frame at a certain angle. The cut-off aerofoil shape forms the structural baseline for the bike.

F-Surface Plus

F-Surface Plus technology is used to further reduce turbulence. It consists of applying a textured surface, similar to dimples on a golf ball, in strategic locations for decreased wind drag. What these subtle grooves do is create a tiny amount of turbulence, which causes the main flow of air to follow the shape of the tube to a greater extent. With smooth air travelling around the frame, wind resistance on the rider is minimised. The stronger the wind, the more you will feel this technology working.


But we went another step further in terms of aerodynamics. Thanks to F-Steerer technology, there are no visible bolts and all cables are integrated within the frame and handlebars. This makes the bike beautiful to behold and aerodynamic drag is reduced to a bare minimum. With this bike, you cut through wind like never before. We definitely took aero to a new level.
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