There is a perfect gravel bike for you!
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There is a perfect gravel bike for you!

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We at Ridley are convinced: there is a perfect gravel bike for everyone. All you have to do is decide where you want to ride and how you want to ride, and we'll take care of the rest. The Kanzo Adventure, Kanzo Fast, and Grifn are three bikes with different geometry, tire clearance, and various options. Our engineers have put in hours of thought to create these bikes, and every decision was carefully made.

Gravel bikes are used on a wide range of terrains. Like road bikes, they can be used on asphalt, but their use doesn't stop at off-road paths. With a gravel bike, you can tackle Italian gravel roads, meandering forest trails, and rocky descents. This way, the gravel bike covers the domain where the road bike can't reach and where the mountain bike is already in use.

In the gravel world, Ridley is a pioneer. We were involved in gravel when it was still called cyclocross. This is not an exaggeration; our X-Trail was considered part of the cyclocross segment in 2015, while today it would be seen as a typical all-rounder. Shortly after, the Kanzo, our most well-known gravel bike, was introduced. We differentiate between the Kanzo Adventure and the Kanzo Fast. In late 2022, the all-road bike Grifn was added to the lineup.

It is clear: the perfect gravel bike does not exist. The segment is too diverse for one bike to master all aspects of gravel perfectly. You cannot start one day with ambitions in a gravel race and the next day embark on a bikepacking adventure with the same bike. However, this does not mean that there is no gravel bike that is perfect for you.
Kanzo Adventure: facing challenges on a gravel bike with MTB vibes

Do you want to trek through rugged nature for days and carry all your gear on the bike? Do you willingly sacrifice pure speed for extra comfort? Are you looking for a bike with mountain bike vibes? Then the Kanzo Adventure is made for you. This bike has a geometry almost like a mountain bike. Specifically, you can see this in the more open fork angle and head tube angle, a lower bottom bracket, and a longer chainstay. The result is more comfort, stability, and confidence. To achieve a somewhat responsive steering style, the stem is shortened.

With a maximum tire width of 54 millimeters (29x2.1), this award-winning Kanzo Adventure (the best adventurous gravel bike according to Gran Fondo) has all the capabilities to tackle even the most intimidating courses. You can fully customize your setup thanks to numerous convenient features.

You have eyelets on the seat tube, 4 eyelets on top of the downtube, and 3 eyelets under the downtube, plus a space on the top tube to install panniers and other equipment. You can cover the eyelets on the top tube with a nice cap or spacer, making it possible to attach extra gear to the bike. The reinforced fork has three eyelets on each side, ideal for luggage up to 4 kilograms per side. Lighting or fenders are also optional.
Kanzo Fast: the first aero gravel bike on the market

We used the knowledge we gained in cyclocross since the beginning of the century to cleverly introduce the world's first aero gravel bike. The Kanzo Fast has a geometry almost identical to the Noah Fast. In fact, the bike performs slightly better in wind tunnel tests with a 1x drivetrain, indicating incredible aerodynamics. This is reflected in the optimized frame tubes. Eyelets, lighting, and fenders are absent, precisely to prioritize aerodynamics.

If you've marked gravel races in red on your calendar, getting a Kanzo Fast is a wise choice. With a tire clearance of 42 millimeters, this gravel bike is not only the first of its kind but still the benchmark. Many similar bikes followed this trend and opted for the same tire width.

In other words, the Kanzo Fast remains top of the line. This was also the opinion of Gran Fondo Cycling Magazine, which selected our Ridley Kanzo Fast as the best among 9 tested bikes. The jury praised the combination of speed, aerodynamics, comfort, and attention to detail.
Grifn: the fiftyfifty story

The Grifn is the result of a changing market, where there is an increasing demand for one bike for all terrains. The Grifn is the fiftyfifty story as a bike that can be equally well-used for the road and off-road circuit. You can install tires ranging from 32 to 38 millimeters, allowing you to effortlessly test your legs on asphalt on Saturdays and participate in a gravel ride on Sundays.

In terms of geometry, the Grifn is close to the Fenix or the Falcn RS, but there are indeed slight changes. The head tube angle is slightly more open on the Grifn, and the bike is slightly less responsive in exchange for a bit of extra comfort. Using a series of eyelets – one less than the Adventure – you can further customize the bike's setup. Here, too, fenders and lighting are possibilities.

The Grifn is popular among the general public and has already won the Design & Innovation Award in the 'gravel bikes' category. We undoubtedly haven't heard the last of this all-road bike.

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