Ridley proud sponsor of Classified Factory Team
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Ridley proud sponsor of Classified Factory Team

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We are pleased to introduce you to Piotr Havik (aka The Hawk), a member of the Classified Factory Team. Piotr is a serious gravel cyclist and we are excited to support the ambitious goals of him and his team. Together with Classified, Food Maker and DT Swiss, we make sure the team members show up at the start of their races in the best equipment.
Piotr Havik is a serious, Dutch gravel professional who is making a name for himself in the world of gravel racing. He is a fierce racer who is in it to win it.

Because the Classified Factory Team needs the best equipment for all gravel races, they formed a partnership with Ridley. We provide Piotr with our top quality Kanzo Fast, which is specially designed for gravel racing. This allows Piotr to take his gravel races to the next level and compete at the highest possible level. For the gravel races on rougher terrain, Piotr rides our Kanzo Adventure which is made to explore your limits. On the road, we see Piotr riding a Noah Fast.
Piotr lives by the words believe, grow, fly. These words represent his approach to life and his philosophy on how to achieve success. He believes that anything is possible if you have the right mindset, and he constantly strives to grow and improve as an athlete. With the support of Ridley, he is flying high and achieving his goals in the world of gravel racing along with the Classified Factory Team.
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