From unpaved Ventoux to Flemish cobblestones in the snow: 5 crazy challenges for the Kanzo Adventure

Sometimes you just have to do something crazy! When we look at our range of bikes, our Kanzo Adventure is the most suitable bike for a crazy challenge. Thanks to its geometry, maximum tire width of 53mm, and twenty mounting points, virtually anything is possible on this workhorse. We've selected 5 adventures for all cycling enthusiasts who are up for a bit more, and illustrate these tips with imagery fromFatPigeon.

Unpaved Ventoux

The Mont Ventoux in the French Provence is one of the most popular climbs in the world. For many cycling enthusiasts, 'the Bald Mountain' is the ultimate destination, and achieving a top time is the big goal of the year. However, you can also experience breathtaking views on the much lesser-known 'Route Forestière,' the unpaved climb of Mont Ventoux. Over 15.78 kilometers, you climb 1,104 meters, which remains a particularly tough challenge. No one has ever climbed the similarly named Strava segment faster than an hour.

Flemish cobblestones in the snow

The Flemish Ardennes are the center of the cycling world during the spring classics, but the cobblestone roads and hills are there all year round. The right equipment is very important here. When the Koppenberg was wet during the Tour of Flanders in 2024, almost all riders were walking. With wider tires, you can avoid this walk. The Kanzo Adventure has a tire clearance of 53 millimeters. With that, you can even reach the top of this mythical climb in the snow!
Urban exploring

Are you a fan of urban exploring (urbex) and enjoy visiting abandoned buildings? Then the Kanzo Adventure is your preferred mode of transportation! Whether it's Miniera Torgola in Italy (La Via del Ferro), the Glass Factory of Schiedam in the Netherlands, or Oude Doel in Belgium, you can get there on our workhorse! Be sure to make use of the extra attachment points on the bike, so you have the right bike bags and toolset on hand for unexpected obstacles!

Cycling in France, Italy, or Germany, many of your colleagues have done that before. Therefore, discovering a microstate can be a wonderful new adventure! Liechtenstein is known as a winter resort, but you can also cycle beautifully there! Andorra and Monaco are very popular among pros and often serve as the starting or finishing points of stages in Grand Tours. Have you ever cycled in San Marino or Vatican City? Be sure to let us know how that experience was!
In the dark

Our last suggestion is one for the night owls. On the Kanzo Adventure, you can also install lighting: the fork is equipped with internal cable routing for a dynamo hub. This way, you maintain your visibility in the dark and are also clearly visible to car drivers.

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