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Bike registration

Have you bought a new Ridley bike - great! We welcome you to the Ridley Family & wish you lots of cycling fun. By registering your Ridley bike, you can extend the warranty on your Ridley frame from 2 to 5 years. So you just get 3 years on top!

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Win a Cycling Kit!
Did you just join the Ridley Peloton with your own, brandnew Ridley? Awesome! When you're taking out that beauty, don't forget to take some pictures of your Ridley! It can get you featured on our Social Media accounts and inspire thousands of future Ridley riders. To motivate you even more: send in a picture and get a chance to win a Ridley Cycling Kit!

The makers of the most beautiful picture have the chance to win a Ridley Cycling Kit every month.
Where do I find my serialnumber?
The serial number (6 to 8 digits) is located below the bottom bracket.

Submitted pictures may not contain persons.
Submitted photos may be used for our own social media, website and marketing purposes.
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