Gravel Bike

Leave the paved roads behind! Go explore new grounds with our gravel bikes: dive ride into beautiful gravel paths and forest trails. Every ride on your gravel bike is a new adventure. Whether you like ultra cycling events, bikepacking trips or daily gravel rides, at Ridley we’ve got the perfect gravel bike for you. Discover our carbon and aluminum gravel bikes.

About Gravel Bike

Gravel bikes have become incredibly popular in recent years. The cycling world can no longer be imagined without the gravel bike. Gravel bikes consist of a mix of characteristics of different bikes. On the one hand, the frame of a gravel bike is quite similar to that of a road bike. On the other hand, a gravel bike bears resemblance to a mountain bike because you can mount much wider tyres on it. This makes a gravel bike incredibly versatile: it can be used on almost any terrain. Are you in search of a bike for unlimited cycling adventures? Buy a gravel bike!

Gravel bikes are the all-rounders among bikes. Are you looking for a bike for asphalt or dirt roads? Do you like speed or adventure? Do you want to perform or enjoy the ride? With a gravel bike you don’t have to choose. Gravel bikes are ideal for people who don’t want a full bike shed and therefore are looking for one bike that can do it all. For extra speed on the road, you could even swap the gravel tyres for smoother racing bike tyres.

With a gravel bike a world of new possibilities opens up: they allow you to discover a more varied landscape. The unpaved paths that you normally avoid on your road bike can be explored with confidence on a gravel bike. You get to places where you would not go easily with a road bike. Think of beautiful gravel paths, forest trails, dirt roads and singletracks.

Besides being very versatile, gravel bikes are much more comfortable than road bikes. The geometry provides extra stability and more comfort. This makes a gravel bike very suitable for long days in the saddle.

Of course we have different gravel bikes with different geometries: from fast gravel bikes, like the Kanzo Fast (a very aerodynamic, aggressive and above all, the fastest gravel bike in our range) to the Kanzo Adventure (which is more suitable for bikepacking, long distance cycling adventures off the beaten track and the toughest gravel routes). Above that we also have an electric gravel bike: the Kanzo E that is made to support you in all your challenges.

Whether you’re into ultra racing, bikepacking or other gravel adventures, at Ridley we have the perfect gravel bike for you.

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