3 tips for finding an affordable gravel bike
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3 tips for finding an affordable gravel bike

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That gravel bikes are here to stay is undeniable. Gravel bike sales have exploded over the last few years. That is not surprising: gravel bikes are enormously versatile in use and also a lot more comfortable than road bikes. With a gravel bike, you can enjoy both unpaved and paved roads. A whole new world will open for you!

Nowadays, you’ll be able to find a suitable gravel bike for every size and budget. The most important thing to remember is that you don’t need to buy the most expensive bike to have a good gravel bike. Go for an aluminum bike with a good set-up for example. This way, you can get started right away with a great gravel bike. Get ready for new adventures!

  1. One of the things to consider during your search for an affordable gravel bike, is the way you want to use the bike. Do you prefer riding tarmac with the occasional stretch of gravel? Then an allroad bike or a light gravel bike, like the Grifn or Kanzo Speed, is your answer. Is speed more your thing? Go for an aerodynamic gravel bike, like our Kanzo Fast. Are you more into bikepacking and really going off the beaten track? Choose a gravel bike that’s suitable for rough terrain, like our Kanzo Adventure.
  2. The material of the frame is also important when choosing a new gravel bike. Most high-end gravel bikes are made of carbon, but there are also great options available made of aluminum. Aluminum gravel bikes are durable, strong, and stiff, but are still light enough to ride gravel. Moreover, aluminum frames are normally a lot cheaper than carbon frames. Is this your first gravel bike? Then an aluminum bike is a great option! A carbon gravel bike, on the other hand, is perfect for taking your performance to a new level.
  3. The group set is another crucial feature when buying a new gravel bike. We also have bikes equipped with more affordable components, which lower the price of the gravel bike. Our product managers have selected basic but good equipment for the standard version. This way, you can be sure you’re making the right choice!

Our suggestion? The Ridley Kanzo A! This bike has a lightweight aluminum frame and is designed to go on gravel adventures. The Kanzo A offers a comfortable geometry that makes the bike stable on unpaved terrain and smooth and comfortable on paved roads. Equipped with affordable but high-quality components, the bike has room for tires up to 40 mm wide and comes with plenty of mounting points, making it great for fast rides as well as offroad and bikepacking adventures.

In summary, the Kanzo A is an excellent mix of performance and versatility at an affordable price. It is the ideal option for cyclists who like to ride offroad without spending too much money.

Kanzo A

The Kanzo A is a real allrounder

The Kanzo A is ready for adventure thanks to the tire clearance, mounting points and comfortable geometry

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