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Find your ideal gravel bike

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Ridley is known for our extensive collection of gravel bikes. Every gravel bike has its own characteristics, making it fit for a different type of rider and riding style. There’s a lot of options to choose from, but don’t worry, we’re here to help you find your perfect match!

Kanzo Fast

If you’re a competitive cyclist who wants a gravel bike that can keep up with the pack, the Kanzo Fast is an excellent choice. As the name suggests, it’s fast and it’s the most responsive gravel bike out there. That makes the Kanzo Fast the ideal bike for riding fast on both paved and unpaved roads.

The Kanzo Fast is an aero gravel bike with a focus on speed and performance and comes with a single front chainring (bye cross chaining!) and has room for wide 42mm tires. Moreover, it features internal cable routing and a fully integrated cockpit, giving the Kanzo Fast a sleek design and a huge aerodynamic advantage. Additionally, the aggressive geometry and the shock absorbing D-shaped seat post make the Kanzo Fast reactive, yet comfortable.

The result? The perfect, aerodynamic gravel bike to win gravel races.

Kanzo Adventure

Are you looking for a gravel bike that’s designed to handle anything you can throw at it? The Kanzo Adventure is your answer! It’s designed to handle a variety of terrain (from smooth roads to rough trails) and is ready for limitless adventures off the beaten track. The abundance of mounting points, 2.1” tire clearance, trusty geometry, and the option to add a suspension fork and hub dynamo, make the Kanzo Adventure extremely versatile.

The Kanzo Adventure has a more comfortable, stable riding feeling compared to the more aggressive and reactive handling of the Kanzo Fast. The geometry of the Kanzo Adventure is developed for rough gravel and adventure. It has a modern, mountain bike-inspired geometry. The result is a responsively, stable and comfortable gravel bike you can use for long days in the saddle.

The Kanzo Adventure is made for explore-minded cyclists. Whether you’re into day trips, multiple day bike packing adventures or ultra-cycling races, the Kanzo Adventure is your bike!

Kanzo Speed

Ridley was one of the first European brands in the gravel market with the release of the X-Trail (now known as Kanzo Speed) in 2015. The Kanzo Speed has taken the place of allroad bike for years. Thanks to the fast and reactive geometry of the Kanzo Speed, this is the ideal bike for riding all kinds of terrains. The Kanzo Speed adapts to whatever terrain you choose, giving you the freedom to swiftly switch between on and offroad riding. You can mount anything from road to (smaller) gravel tires with a maximum of 34mm on the Kanzo Speed.

All in all, the Kanzo Speed is a versatile option for both road and gravel riding.

Kanzo A

Are you looking for a budget friendly gravel bike to get into offroad riding? The Kanzo A is your answer. This lightweight aluminum frame is designed to really go off the beaten track. With its comfortable and stable geometry, 45mm tire clearance and mounting points, the Kanzo A is ready for rough gravel and bike packing adventures.

The Kanzo A is an excellent mix of adventure and versatility at an affordable price. This is the perfect bike for cyclists who like to get into gravel riding without spending too much money.

If you’re in search of a capable, but affordable gravel bike, the Kanzo A is the right choice for you. This gravel bike will provide you with endless gravel fun!


Although we already had a great allroad bike in our range with the Kanzo Speed, there is demand for an even more versatile allroad bike. That is why we have introduced the Grifn, our next-level successor of the Kanzo Speed: a proper allroad bike designed for cyclists searching for that one bike that can do it all. In designing this bike, we combined the speed of a thoroughbred road bike with the comfort of a gravel bike.
The Grifn can be built as both road bike and gravel bike, completely customizable to fit the rider’s wishes. Add tires up to 38mm (40mm when riding a single chain ring), fenders and a dynamo hub to make this bike even more versatile. With eleven mounting points, the Grifn is the perfect companion for long days in the saddle. The Grifn is ready for road riding, gravel grinding, commuting and long-distance riding on a wide array of surfaces.

Essentially, with the Grifn you have the best of both worlds in one bike. It's the perfect choice for riders looking for one bike that’s suitable for road cycling and gravel grinding and everything inbetween.

Ultimately, the best Ridley gravel bike for you depends on your individual needs and preferences. With the performance-oriented Kanzo Fast, explore-minded Kanzo Adventure, versatile Kanzo Speed, can-do-it-all Grifn, and budget friendly Kanzo A, we’ve got a bike for every type of gravel riding. No matter which gravel bike you choose, with a Ridley bike you’re sure you get a high-quality, well-designed bike that will serve you well for years to come.

Not sure where to look? Choose your favorite bike and make it completely the way you want it with our configurator!
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