Ridley Elite Carbon

Ridley Elite Carbon

Diffuser fork crown

Diffuser fork crown



About Falcn RS

The Falcn RS is the ultimate road bike for any rider looking to push their limits and take their performance to the next level. It’s created for those who demand topnotch quality and want a reliable and efficient speed machine to help them achieve their goals.

With its aero and lightweight carbon frame and responsive handling, the Falcn RS is ready for all your competitive cycling goals. This versatile performance road bike can really handle any kind of road racing, whether it’s a grueling mountain stage or a classic, fast-paced road race. It’s the perfect tool for the Spring Classics races, which are known for their harsh and challenging courses on rough terrain.

With a tire clearance that can accommodate up to 34mm tires and its reactive handling, the Falcn RS is ready for any challenge you throw at it.

The lightweight frame of 830gr will help you conquer the highest mountains and the exceptional aerodynamics of the frame and the fork will convert every watt into pure speed when you’re in the breakaway.


Start configuration
Falcn RS

Ridley Elite Carbon

Our carbon is manufactured by world market leader: Toray. The Japanese manufacturer is leader in every aspect of carbon development and supplier to absolute top world brands in many industries. For the Elite Series, we use every type of available carbon: 60T, 50T, 30T and 24T.

The higher the 'Ton', the higher the tensile strength of the carbon fibers and the more intensive the development and processing. With 60T, you may need fewer layers of carbon to achieve the desired stiffness as well as the lightest possible bike, but if you built the whole frame with 60T you'd have a very uncomfortable, over-responsive ride. Hence, a mix of 24T, 30T, 50T and 60T carbon is essential as each carbon serves a certain purpose in perfectly balancing stiffness, weight and comfort.

Each bike's unique carbon mix is dependent on its purpose, such as climbing, endurance, etc. In addition, each area of each frame requires its own unique mix depending on its function such as to provide comfort or stiffness. It is here, in the unique carbon compositions, where Ridley makes the difference!

As all our professional teams ride our Ridley Elite Series bikes - including the likes of Tim Wellens, Caleb Ewan or Thomas De Gendt, this means that your bike is treated with the exact same care as theirs.

Ridley Elite Carbon

Diffuser fork crown

The fork crown has an integrated diffuser to reduce drag. The airflow passes more easily through fork crown while extra energy is added to it. The result is that the airflow passes the downtube more easily without pushing the bike back. At the same time there is less drag in the area behind the fork and headtube.

Less resistance, more speed!

Diffuser fork crown


Cables at the front of your bike have a major impact on its aerodynamic performance. On the flipside, getting rid of cables at the front has an aero advantage of a whopping 10 to 14%, depending on the bike.

That's why our R&D department dedicated much time and effort into developing the D-shaped steerer tube, which integrates all front-end cables.

This uniquely shaped steerer tube allows all cables to pass through the handlebar and stem, along the flat front area of the steerer tube and down into the frame. Here the cables are completely hidden from the wind - and from your eye, leaving you with a clean looking bike that wins you speed.

Download the manual here to find out how to properly guide all cables through all components.


D-shaped Seatpost

The D-shaped seatpost on our aero bikes has a dual function of aerodynamics with a strong emphasis on comfort. Its aerodynamic influences are clearly seen as its profile and groove are both features of our F-Tubing. The cross profile of the seatpost is also shorter than that of the shortened NACA profile of, for example, the down tube.

While very aerodynamic, we certainly built much comfort into this unique D-shaped seatpost design. The flat backside filters out a lot of shock by incorporating flex into the seatpost. This is an important extra feature that we added to our aero bikes as comfort can certainly improve performance, especially during those extra-long rides.

D-shaped Seatpost

UDH Hanger

SRAM has a universal solution for all rear-derailleurs .

As stated by SRAM, the new UDH hanger will be available from most local shops.

It can be hard to find the right hanger from a small local shop.

Sometimes this means that you’ll have to call it a day.

But the UDH hanger wants to make this frustrating experience a problem of the past! 

UDH Hanger

Removabel front derailleur clamp

The removable front derailleur clamp will give your bike a clean and neat look when using a 1x setup. We have designed a specific cover to replace the clamp when not used.
Removabel front derailleur clamp

Race Proven Road

This road bike, trusted by the elite Lotto Dstny cycling team, is built with cutting-edge technology for ultimate speed and performance. The aerodynamic design, lightweight frame, and superior handling make it the ideal choice for serious road cyclists looking to excel in competition.
Race Proven Road

"Best In Test" in Cycling Plus

Already before the official launch, the Falcn RS participated in a test of Cycling Plus with top-end road bikes and got nominated testwinner!

According to Cycling Plus “the Falcn RS delivered the fastest and most entertaining ride, which is what race bikes are all about”.

This is exactly what we had in mind when developping the bike!

"Best In Test"  in Cycling Plus

Aero-To-Weight tube shapes

Tube shapes are carefully designed to find the perfect balance between aerodynamic performance and weight.
Aero-To-Weight tube shapes


  • Frame
    Falcn RS, Aero-To-Weigth HM carbon, TA 12x142, BB86
  • Fork
    Falcn RS, TA 12x100, 45mm rake, D-Shape steerer, 1 1/8"-1 1/5"
  • Brake Type
    Flat Mount
  • Groupset
    Shimano 105 DI2 , 2x12s
  • Crank
    Shimano 105 , 50/34 , 172mm
  • Rear Derailleur
    Shimano 105 DI2 , 2x12s
  • Cassette
    Shimano 105, 12s , 11-34
  • Handlebar
    Forza Cirrus Pro Integrated , 100mm - 400mm (cc shifters) - 420mm (cc drops) , Stealth Black
  • Front Derailleur
    Shimano 105 DI2 , 2x12 , Braze-on
  • Seatpost
    Forza Aero , 6mm Offset , 350mm
  • Saddle
    Selle Italia Model Y , Black
  • Front Wheel
    4ZA Levanto DB F 19TL -3BF V2- NO STI
  • Rear Wheel
    4ZA Levanto DB R 19TL -3BF V2 SHI- NO STI
  • Outer Tyre
    Vittoria Corsa N.EXT 700x28c G2.0/Fold/FullBlac
  • Max Tire Clearance 700c (*)
    34 mm
  • Electric bike
  • Size
  • Range
  • Material
  • Paint Finish
  • Weight Limit
    110 KG (Bike included)
  • EAN
  • Niveau
    Elite Series
  • Pedals
    Not included **
  • Warranty period
    2 years (+ 3 years after registration)


What is my size?

A 718 745 770 839 870 895
B 428 455 480 499 530 555
C 510 525 545 565 585 600
D 95 115 130 150 175 200
E 74.5 74 73.5 73 72.5 72.5
F 71.5 72 73 73.5 73.5 74
G 407 407 407 407 407 407
H 75 75 70 70 68 68
I 967 974 977 987 1002 1012
S 492 513 530 551 573 599
R 374 378 388 397 404 411

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