Cycling is for everyone: the perfect bike for you.
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Cycling is for everyone: the perfect bike for you.

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We believe that cycling should be an activity that is accessible to everyone. With this vision in mind, we have developed various bikes to make cycling more accessible to a wider audience. By introducing cheaper versions of our popular models, we aim to enable cycling enthusiasts with a limited budget to enjoy the joy and performance that our top bikes bring.

Whether you are an experienced racer or an enthusiastic beginner, Ridley's Essential and Hydro Series bikes allow you to fully unleash your potential, both off-road and on the road. With these bikes, we want to ensure that everyone can experience the thrill of cycling without compromising on their budget.

Fenix Disc

One of these bikes is our Fenix Disc, the more affordable brother of the well-known Fenix SLiC. This remarkable endurance bike combines high performance with a friendly price tag. It is designed to handle a wide range of terrains, from challenging cobbles to steep climbs and long descents, without compromising on quality or performance. The Fenix Disc shares the same exceptional features as its top-model counterpart, the Fenix SLiC. However, to maintain affordability without sacrificing comfort, we have used different components and carbon fiber technology (resulting in the frame being only 120 grams heavier than that of the Fenix SLiC). In this way, we have successfully lowered the selling price of the Fenix Disc without compromising the bike's performance.

The Ridley Fenix Disc is the ideal choice for cyclists who want to cover long distances and have adventures on demanding terrain without breaking the bank.

Noah Disc

The Noah Disc allows riders to experience the same performance and technology as its high-end counterpart, the Noah Fast Disc. Designed as the more budget-friendly option, the Noah Disc offers an exciting racing experience at a more accessible price. It is the ideal choice for ambitious racers who value both speed and affordability.

Both Noah models share the same technologies and high-quality craftsmanship. You can expect nothing less than first-class performance and precision when hitting the road with the Noah Disc! The main difference between the Noah Fast Disc and the Noah Disc lies in the composition of the carbon. This small change results in a weight difference of only 100 grams. However, this does not limit the racing abilities of the Noah Disc or its ability to deliver high speed and a responsive ride feel.

With the Noah Disc, you can confidently enter the world of competitive racing without stretching your budget to the limit.

Helium Disc

Another remarkable creation is the Helium Disc. This bike combines stiffness and comfort, making it the perfect companion for cyclists looking for the ultimate climbing bike. This bike has the same elements as the Helium SLX Disc, but at a more affordable price.

Although the Helium Disc frame is slightly heavier than its big brother, with an extra weight of 120 grams, this small difference comes from the use of a different carbon fiber composition. This adjustment ensures that the bike remains significantly cheaper compared to the Helium SLX Disc.

The Helium Disc offers cyclists on a smaller budget the opportunity to experience the same performance while climbing as with the Helium SLX Disc.

Kanzo A

The Kanzo A is an incredibly versatile and affordable gravel bike designed for all your off-road adventures. With its wide tire width, numerous attachment points, and comfortable geometry, the Kanzo A is built to handle unpaved terrain and offer adventurous cycling experiences. This accessible gravel bike excels on various surfaces.

With the Kanzo A, you can escape into nature and embrace the freedom and excitement of unpaved exploration. Thanks to its agile and responsive steering, you can effortlessly navigate winding paths, while the comfortable geometry ensures you maintain control during long rides.

The budget-friendly Kanzo A enables cyclists of all levels to enter the world of gravel riding and experience the joy of unpaved trails with a limited budget.
By introducing lower cost versions of our premium models, we aim to make it easier than ever for (future) cyclists to start their biking adventure with a reliable and high-quality bike.
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