What defines the perfect track bike?
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What defines the perfect track bike?

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The new Velodrome in Heusden-Zolder was officially opened at the end of October. This multidisciplinary sports complex exudes international class and is expected to host major championships in the future. Cycling enthusiasts can also try out the Olympic track of 250 meters. There are 100 track bikes from Ridley available for rent, after the Arena A was chosen as the best type. So, what exactly defines the perfect track bike?

The Velodrome has been very busy in recent weeks, and this is expected to continue in the coming years, as there will be numerous races and training sessions organized. Cycling Vlaanderen offers initiation lessons, training packages, and team track cycling training for its members. You can also book a free training session for yourself, which costs 13 euros for a 2-hour session. If you don't have a track bike, you can rent one for 2 hours at a rate of 11 euros. You just need to bring your own pedals.

After comparing various competing brands, Ridley was chosen as the partner for the track bikes. This creates a collaboration within Limburg. On one hand, Ridley offers the Arena Fast, a lightning-fast track bike for sprint and pursuit disciplines. On the other hand, there is the Arena A, which will be used by all visitors who rent a bike on-site.
No brakes, fixed gear

A track bike has no brakes and only one fixed gear. It is important to choose a gear ratio that offers enough flexibility, but also allows for acceleration when desired. Unlike other bikes, you can never keep your legs still. So, expect an adjustment period if you are not used to this type of bike.

The Arena A has a geometry specifically adapted to the requirements of the track. This means that you sit closer to the bike. The result is an aggressive position and a bike that responds faster to every pedal stroke. Watts are directly converted into pure speed. Additionally, the bottom bracket is slightly higher to allow for smooth leaning in steep corners. When comparing the geometry to our other bikes, you will immediately notice significant differences. The top tube is shorter than that of the Kanzo, Falcn, and even the X-Night. These differences are even more apparent in the rear triangle.

The front fork of the Arena A is made entirely of carbon. This provides precise handling and control over the bike, even when pushing your speed limits. When chasing records, every detail comes in handy. With the help of a transponder, it is possible to know your lap times down to the thousandth of a second on the Velodrome.

The Velodrome should not only bring big events to Belgium in the long run, but also serve as the perfect training ground for tomorrow's champions. In this way, the complex hopefully also delivers Olympic medals one day. Ridley is proud to be part of this 'Velo' dream.
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