Soar to victory with our new Falcn RS.

The most aero sub 850g frame.

The Falcn RS is the perfect companion for cyclists who are in search of a bike that’s light for climbing, aero and stiff for sprinting and stage rides. Thanks to its lightweight frame with aerodynamic features and wider tire options, this is a fast, top-performing road bike that will exceed your expectations. From Ronde van Vlaanderen to Paris-Roubaix, a Grand Tour stage and Strade Bianche, you can ride it all with the new Falcn RS. Visit your local dealer for a closer look at our Falcn RS.

High aerodynamic efficiency in a lightweight package.

It’s the best of both worlds, meaning we made it as aerodynamic as possible without having to sacrifice the weight of the bike. The Falcn RS has a similar aero performance as our aero bike Noah Fast Disc and a weight comparable with our climbing machine the Helium SLX Disc, meaning cyclists will never have to choose between lightweight and aero anymore.

The Falcn RS is built for speed and agility, and the lightweight frame plays a crucial role in achieving this. With a weight of just 825 grams in size medium, the frame is designed to be as light as possible without sacrificing aerodynamics. This is achieved through the use of the slimest aerodynamic tube profiles and a carbon lay-up that prioritizes weight reduction.

Looking to push your limits and take their performance to the next level? Our Falcn RS is perfect for those who demand top-notch quality and want a reliable and efficient speed machine to help them achieve their goals.

The Falcn RS frame and fork set is 110 grams heavier than the Ridley Helium SLX, but it offers superior aerodynamic gains. This means that, despite its slightly heavier weight, the Falcn RS model is faster than the Helium SLX due to its aerodynamic features. Even when you ride uphill, you need to overcome wind resistance. The weight saving that our Helium SLX provides does not outweigh the aero gains that the new Falcn RS has even when climbing at lower speeds.

Our in-house aerodynamicist did extensive research using CFD analysis and wind tunnel testing to optimize the aerodynamics of the Falcn RS. The frontal area of the Falcn RS is focused on aerodynamics, while the general frame design is developed to be as lightweight as possible while keeping the aerodynamics in mind. Every cross section of the frame is aero optimized with carefully chosen aerofoils balanced against the tube weight. Moreover, the head tube is deeper to maximize the Falcn RS aerodynamics. The shape of the top tube is even adjusted to enhance the bike’s stability under crosswinds.

Additionally, Ridley developed a fork crown including a diffuser. This induces turbulence in the airflow before the down tube, making it easier for the air to flow over the down tube and behind the head tube. Our Ridley diffuser fork results in a bike that has 10% less drag at 50 km/h compared to a fork with a traditional fork crown. The back of the bike is made as lightweight as possible thanks to the shaped seat tube and thin seat stays.


Our Falcn RS is the ultimate road bike for any rider looking to push their limits and take their performance to the next level. It’s created for those who demand topnotch quality and want a reliable and efficient speed machine to help them achieve their goals. With its aero and lightweight carbon frame and responsive handling, the Falcn RS is ready for all your competitive cycling goals. This versatile performance road bike can really handle any kind of road racing, whether it’s a grueling mountain stage or a classic, fast-paced road race. For instance, it’s the perfect tool for the Spring Classics races, which are known for their harsh and challenging courses on rough terrain. With a tire clearance that can accommodate up to 34mm tires and its reactive handling, the Falcn RS is ready for any challenge you throw at it.

The name 'Falcn' is a nod to its impressive performance capabilities. Firstly, falcons are known for their incredible power, speed, and agility, which perfectly captures the essence of the bike's performance. Additionally, falcons possess exceptional aerodynamic characteristics, allowing them to move with incredible speed and efficiency, much like the Falcn RS. Falcons are also incredibly precise and have excellent control over their movements, a trait shared by the Falcn RS bike. In essence, our Falcn RS is your invitation to soar to victory!

Vuelta stage 2 win for Andreas Kron, 2023.

The Falcn RS is built with cutting-edge technology for ultimate speed and performance. Even our prototype showed amazing results already.

Tire Clearance

Over the years cyclists have seen a growing trend in the use of wider tires on road bikes. The Falcn RS is developed around 28mm tires and has a max tire clearance of 34 mm, offering a bigger tire clearance than the standard maximum 28mm found on most current road bikes. This allows for greater comfort and lower rolling resistance, as wider tires can be run at lower pressures. With its increased tire clearance, the Falcn RS offers superior performance on tarmac roads and more. The Falcn RS even excels on broken tarmac roads and cobble sections. It’s the perfect companion for taking on new challenges and performing at the highest of levels in road racing.


We use the F-steerer technology for the Falcn RS, making any cables or hoses invisible by hiding them in the frame through the stem. This technology is used because of its aero advantage. It also avoids potential frame damage from cable rub and prevents the cables from getting snagged in case of a crash. The Falcn RS features a Forza Cirrus Pro Integrated Road cockpit. This cockpit has a 75mm reach and a 130mm drop in combination with a 5° flare. It enables the rider to get in aero position and have full control. This cockpit comes in four different stem/width sizes: 90/380, 100/400, 110/400 and 120/420.


The Falcn RS features three mounting points on the down tube and two on the seat tube. These mounting points allow for optimal positioning of water bottles, enabling riders to use the most aero position for their bottles.


While UDH is very common on mountain bikes, it has only seen little acceptance in the road bike market. With today’s drivetrains, there are no technical reasons not to use UDH on road bikes. We chose to use this hanger interface and bring all the benefits that are already very common for mountain bikers to the road bike market.


The Falcn RS features a removable clamp-on style front derailleur hanger. This means that riders choosing a super aero 1x set-up, will get the sleekest look possible when using the bespoke cover that replaces the hanger.

Make it your own.

Create your perfect bike with personalized designs, an intuitive interface, instant price updates and 3D previews in our configurator. The Falcn RS is available both as a complete bike and as a frame and fork set and can be run with a 1x or a 2x drivetrain. We offer electronic shifting drivetrain options only for the Falcn RS, with Shimano Ultegra Di2, Shimano 105 Di2, and Sram Force AXS available as standard options. Additional options, such as Sram Rival AXS, SRAM Red AXS, and Shimano Dura-Ace Di2, are available in our online configurator.
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