Why the Ridley Fenix has been the ideal endurance bike for classics for more than a decade
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Why the Ridley Fenix has been the ideal endurance bike for classics for more than a decade

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One of the constants in our range has been the Ridley Fenix for many years. This road bike is suitable for both performance-oriented rides and comfortable long-distance challenges. Over the years, numerous riders at all levels have achieved success on the Ridley Fenix, originally designed with a focus on classics. Throughout the years, the Ridley Fenix has evolved into more than just a cobbled road conqueror.

In 2012, Lotto Soudal was searching for a true spring bike: one that reacts aggressively but feels comfortable at the same time. This led to the birth of the Fenix. A year later, we officially introduced the Fenix Classic to the public. We emphasized the strong, comfortable, stiff frame (1,270 grams) designed with a flattened seatstay to absorb shocks. With an extra thick handlebar tape and space for wider tires, it was evident that this bike could handle rough terrains. Alongside the aerodynamic Noah and our lightweight Helium, the Fenix became a welcomed addition.

The secret of the Fenix, according to our product developers, lies in the construction of the frame. The lower part represents stiffness, ensuring optimal power transfer to speed. The massive head tube makes the bike highly responsive. The upper part, on the other hand, signifies comfort, making the Fenix suitable for long endurance training where maintaining a position for an extended period is crucial. The top tube widens from the head tube and then tapers towards the seat tube, effectively absorbing shocks. The vibration-filtering effect is also seen in the slimmer design of the seatstay. This winning concept was optimized towards 2015 and has been retained ever since.
New Looks

The Fenix was a success: many customers were immediately drawn to the golden combination of comfort and stiffness, relying on Belgian expertise in choosing a suitable cobbled road bike. Over the years, the Ridley Fenix has undergone regular facelifts. In 2015, we introduced the Fenix SL. It was lighter (1,060 grams) than its predecessor, offering more stiffness and shock absorption. The basic principle remained the same: a bike for classics that provides ample comfort while remaining competitive. The Fenix SLA, an aluminum version, also remains in our range, catering to aluminum enthusiasts.

Three years later, the Ridley Fenix SLX Disc followed. With disc brakes, the option for electronic shifting, and space for wider tires, these bikes followed trends in the cycling landscape. The weight dropped to 840 grams, but the primary focus remained on an endurance bike.

The Fenix SLiC continued in the same vein and was the result of the continuous evolution of three generations of endurance bikes. Fully integrated cables (thanks to a D-shaped steerer tube), a slender rear triangle, and a curved top tube make this bike a popular gem, remaining a great choice for cyclists wanting to excel on all road racing courses. Meanwhile, we expanded our paint shop, allowing more Fenix bikes to be customized in our customers' favorite colors.

The secret of the Fenix

The secret of the Fenix? According to our product developers, it lies in the construction of the frame. The lower part represents stiffness, ensuring that power is ideally transferred into speed. The massive head tube ensures that the bike feels very responsive. The upper part, on the other hand, stands for comfort.
In 2023, Ridley brought the Fenix advantages to a more affordable point with the introduction of the Fenix Disc. This is the budget-friendly version of the Fenix SLiC with different carbon technology but with the same properties – such as additional stiffness and durability – and only 120 grams more weight. There is no difference in geometry. The bike was also added to the configurator, allowing people in this segment to choose their dream bike.

In 2024

In 2024, the Fenix bikes remain the most suitable endurance bikes in our range. From the novice cyclist to the competitive speed enthusiast, everyone can use the Fenix. The diamond-shaped down tube remains popular among enthusiasts, and through the Configurator, you can build the Fenix according to your own preferences. For years, it has been clear that with the Fenix, you are ready to conquer the classic cycling landscape: from the Tuscan gravel roads and Breton farmer paths to the Flemish cobbles and Canadian city circuits.


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