Annually, cancer affects nearly 75,000 people in our country. Despite all efforts against the disease, cycling holds a prominent place: exercise reduces the risk of certain cancers, and cycling events are very popular for raising awareness and funds for the disease. As a Belgian bicycle manufacturer, Ridley understands the societal role it can play, leading to an intense collaboration with Kom op tegen Kanker.

It goes without saying that physical activity is crucial for overall health. Many Belgians find this activity through cycling—whether it's with friends on Sunday mornings, a short but intense session in the "pain cave" in the evening, or alone with a gravel bike in pristine nature: 'every ride counts'. That happens to be our motto as well. Sports and exercise promote a healthy mind in a healthy body. Our mission is to provide the appropriate bike for every cyclist.
Challenging Bike Ride

Unfortunately, sports are not a guarantee of life. Despite all initiatives, cancer remains prevalent worldwide. Everyone knows someone affected by the disease. The fight against cancer is comparable to a long bike ride through the mountains. You have to fight to persevere, to endure the pain. And when one obstacle is overcome, you immediately encounter new challenges. Giving up simply isn't in the vocabulary.

That's why we have decided to strongly support this fight against cancer. We are joining forces with Kom op tegen Kanker, the Flemish organization that as an NGO and nonprofit organizes various events and actions to mobilize people and raise funds in the fight against cancer. As a company, we feel connected to the organization because both of us are committed to promoting good health among the people around us. It is a natural collaboration for our company.

Specifically, we will provide logistical support to Kom op tegen Kanker for the organization of various events. The first event is 'De Col op voor Kom op tegen Kanker', which takes place at the end of August. In the long term, this collaboration will contribute to our joint efforts to achieve a healthy Belgium.

The motto of Ridley is 'Every ride counts', but also 'every life counts'. That's why we gladly support the projects of Kom op tegen Kanker.

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