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Noah Fast Disc

Noah FAST Disc 105 DI2 NFD96.2Hs(M)

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Ridley Elite Carbon

Ridley Elite Carbon

D-shaped Seatpost

D-shaped Seatpost



About Noah Fast Disc

The Noah Fast Disc is a pure racing machine, designed specifically to get you maximum speed with minimal effort.

Our engineers spent countless hours in the wind tunnel perfecting this frame - to figure out where weight could be saved or aspects optimized without sacrificing a single watt.

We optimized the well-known NACA profile and evaluated it for each tube. If you check out the F-Wings at the bottom of the fork and the perfect transition between fork and frame, you'll see that not a single detail escaped our attention.

As this is Caleb Ewan's sprint bike, we also strongly focused on perfect power transfer so every watt delivers max speed. If speed, responsiveness and aerodynamics are important to you, this is the bike for you!

Start configuration
Noah Fast Disc

Ridley Elite Carbon

Our carbon is manufactured by world market leader: Toray. The Japanese manufacturer is leader in every aspect of carbon development and supplier to absolute top world brands in many industries. For the Elite Series, we use every type of available carbon: 60T, 50T, 30T and 24T.

The higher the 'Ton', the higher the tensile strength of the carbon fibers and the more intensive the development and processing. With 60T, you may need fewer layers of carbon to achieve the desired stiffness as well as the lightest possible bike, but if you built the whole frame with 60T you'd have a very uncomfortable, over-responsive ride. Hence, a mix of 24T, 30T, 50T and 60T carbon is essential as each carbon serves a certain purpose in perfectly balancing stiffness, weight and comfort.

Each bike's unique carbon mix is dependent on its purpose, such as climbing, endurance, etc. In addition, each area of each frame requires its own unique mix depending on its function such as to provide comfort or stiffness. It is here, in the unique carbon compositions, where Ridley makes the difference!

As all our professional teams ride our Ridley Elite Series bikes - including the likes of Tim Wellens, Caleb Ewan or Thomas De Gendt, this means that your bike is treated with the exact same care as theirs.

Ridley Elite Carbon

D-shaped Seatpost

The D-shaped seatpost on our aero bikes has a dual function of aerodynamics with a strong emphasis on comfort. Its aerodynamic influences are clearly seen as its profile and groove are both features of our F-Tubing. The cross profile of the seatpost is also shorter than that of the shortened NACA profile of, for example, the down tube.

While very aerodynamic, we certainly built much comfort into this unique D-shaped seatpost design. The flat backside filters out a lot of shock by incorporating flex into the seatpost. This is an important extra feature that we added to our aero bikes as comfort can certainly improve performance, especially during those extra-long rides.

D-shaped Seatpost


Cables at the front of your bike have a major impact on its aerodynamic performance. On the flipside, getting rid of cables at the front has an aero advantage of a whopping 10 to 14%, depending on the bike.

That's why our R&D department dedicated much time and effort into developing the D-shaped steerer tube, which integrates all front-end cables.

This uniquely shaped steerer tube allows all cables to pass through the handlebar and stem, along the flat front area of the steerer tube and down into the frame. Here the cables are completely hidden from the wind - and from your eye, leaving you with a clean looking bike that wins you speed.

Download the manual here to find out how to properly guide all cables through all components.


Comfort seatstays

The rear end of a bike is crucial for both adding comfort and maximizing power transfer.

For added comfort, the seatstays are connected lower down on the seat tube. Due to this lower point of contact, both the seat tube and seatpost can more effectively filter out vibrations. In addition, the seatstays can provide more vertical flexibility. All this results in a more comfortable bike ride.

As for winning watts, the shape of the seatstays is oval with the widest side on the horizontal axis. This is key to maximizing power transfer. By placing this wide side horizontally, every watt produced is converted into speed, without losing power on the way to the rear wheel.

Comfort seatstays

Race Proven Road

This road bike, trusted by the elite Lotto Dstny cycling team, is built with cutting-edge technology for ultimate speed and performance. The aerodynamic design, lightweight frame, and superior handling make it the ideal choice for serious road cyclists looking to excel in competition.
Race Proven Road

Noah Fast Tubing

The Noah Fast is our most technological bike, and it has lots to do with its tube shapes. This includes its F-Tubing, F-Wings, lowered seat stays, D-shaped seatpost and aero handlebars.

In addition, the Noah Fast features many other outstanding tech advantages such as integration of fork and handlebar with the frame.

Many developers thoroughly test each part for aerodynamics, but forget to test the bike as a whole. Our testing method, in contrast, ensures that all aspects of the bike are tested as well as the perfect integration of all essential components.

In addition, the massive bottom bracket and lowered chain stays play an important role in converting every watt into maximum speed. Now you see why Caleb Ewan relies on this bike!

Noah Fast Tubing

Noah Fast Aero Handlebar

It's all about shape and material! Round handlebar tubes cause a stronger pressure drop which kills aerodynamics. But they can be more comfy than an aero bar which, when not designed properly, can feel very flat and angular. This alone can easily ruin a 200km Gran Fondo effort.

That's why our engineers spent a lot of time on the Noah Fast integrated handlebar. It has a distinct aerodynamic profile and not overly wide. The carbon lay-up adds to its comfort, but becomes incredibly stiff and responsive when accelerating.

We use a classic, round bend with drops that are flared by five degrees so you're easily in an aero position. No annoying pressure points or impossible hand positions!

The details:

-Drop: 130mm

-Reach: 75mm

-Flare: 5°

-Stem: 10°

Noah Fast Aero Handlebar


At the bottom of the bike’s fork there are small, aerodynamic “wings” – hence, the name F-Wings.

Our engineers developed these fairings after extensive testing in the wind tunnel, where they noticed that the hub and its connection to the fork were causing turbulence. These F-Wings fairings ensure that this turbulent airflow flows smoothly again.

You can compare the F-Wings with the modern wings of an airplane, which are also referred to as 'broken wings' because their tips fold upwards. The tips allow aircrafts to save a lot of fuel because it significantly reduces turbulent air behind the wings. Now you see how our F-Wings have a significant impact on your fuel economy!


F-Tubing & F-Surface Plus

How can you ride faster without pedaling harder? How do objects "cut" through wind? While researching ways to improve aerodynamics, the bicycle industry began to gather knowledge from the aviation industry. From this, well-known NACA flight profiles, for designing wings and other components, began to be applied to the tubes of a bike frame.

With further research, our engineers found many additional potential optimisations. By shortening the end of the NACA profiles (F-Tubing), we discovered that drag was reduced. We also created a groove in the frame called the F-Surface Plus. By applying this technique, we created an airflow that flows more efficiently along the tube.

Want to know more about aerodynamics and NACA profiles? Read this blog!

F-Tubing & F-Surface Plus


  • Frame
    Noah Fast Disc 7E3/size M/NFD96.2Hs
  • Frame Level
    Elite Series
  • Fork
    Noah Fast Disc_45mm 7E6/NFD96.2Hs
  • Groupset
    Shimano 105 DI2 , 2x12s
  • Electric bike
  • Crank
    Shimano 105 , 50/34 , 172mm
  • Rear Derailleur
    Shimano 105 DI2 , 2x12s
  • Cassette
    Shimano 105, 12s , 11-34
  • Front Wheel
    Forza Levanto db , TA 12x100mm , Clincher-TLR , Forza 3 Beaufort hub , 19mm Internal Width , 38mm deep
  • Rear Wheel
    4ZA Levanto db R 19TLR - 3BFdb GEN3 SHI - NO STI
  • Handlebar
    Forza Aero Integrated , 110mm - 400mm (cc) , NFH03Am
  • Front Derailleur
    Shimano 105 DI2 , 2x12 , Braze-on
  • Brake Type
  • Seatpost
    Forza Aero , 6mm Offset , 350mm
  • Saddle
    Selle Italia Model Y , Black
  • Outer Tyre
    Vittoria Rubino Pro G2.0 , 700x25c , Folding , Full Black
  • Material
  • Paint Finish
  • Size
  • Range
  • EAN
  • Pedals
    Not included **
  • Bike Weight
    7,22 kg


What is my size?
A 720 745 770 795 820 845
B 430 455 480 505 530 555
C 512 526 545 565 587 603
D 95 117 140 164 194 218
E 74.5 74 73.5 73 72.5 72.5
F 71.5 72 73 73.5 73.5 74
G 405 405 405 405 408 408
H 68 68 66 66 63 63
I 969 975 977 987 1007 1017
J - - - - - -
S 493 516 541 565 591 616
R 375 378 385 393 401 409

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Noah Fast Disc

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Help & support

How can we help?

What is the offset of the seatpost?

The offset of the seatpost is 6mm. The aero seatpost is used on the Noah Fast, Noah and Falcn RS frame platforms.

Is there a zero offset seatpost available?

Yes, there is a zero offset seatpost available.

Which seatpostclamp is used?

The integrated seatpost clamp (Ridley article code SPCAER4ZA007) is designed for the aero seatpost of the Noah Fast and Noah.

What is the maximum torque for the seatpost clamp?

The maximum torque to fix the seatpost clamp is 10Nm, like mentionned on the clamp

What BB standard is used?

The bottom bracket standard of the Noah Fast, Noah, Helium SLX and Helium is the Pressfit 30 standard with a width of 68mm and a diameter of 46mm.

Which headset type is used?

The Noah Fast and Noah use a headset with a 1 1/8''  (IS42/28.6 )upper bearing and 1 1/4''  (IS47/33) lower bearing.

What TA is used on the bike?

The Noah Fast, Noah use a thrue-axl of 12x142mm, with a thrread of 1,5mm (Ridley article code: frame: QRET124ZA039 ; fork: QRET124ZA038).

What is the tire clearance?

The tire cleance of the Noah Fast and Noah Disc is 30mm, actual width. This means the actual width of the tire on the rim. This can be different from the size mentionned on the tire.

Can I use a traditionnal stem-handlebar combination?

It is possible to assemble a separate stem-handlebar combination on the Noah Fast, Noah Disc, Fenix SLiC or Fenix Disc. You can use a Deda Superbox stem in combination with cone spacer SPASBODEE001 or a stem in combination with round spacers using cone spacer SPAAER4ZA017.

Can I use a mecanical groupset?

Frames are compatible with Shimano mecanical groupsets that have a direct mount front derailleurs. Frames are not compatible with Campagnolo or Sram mecanical groupsets.

What is the frame weight of the Noah Fast?

Frame weight of the Noah Fast is 970gr (+-10%) for an unpainted frame in size M.

Can I fit mudguards?

No, there are no mounting points for mudguards

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