Raft XC

RAFT XC 100mm GX-X01 Mix Eagle RAF01Bs(S)

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Ridley Elite Carbon

Ridley Elite Carbon

Advanced Position Geometry (APG)

Advanced Position Geometry (APG)

Suspension Setup

Suspension Setup

About Raft XC

The Raft XC is a full suspension MTB with 100mm travel. Its 100mm travel rear suspension is designed with performance in mind, a remote lock out lets you sprint with direct power transfer to the rear wheel.

The agile steering and steep seat angle guarantee razor sharp handling and good power transfer. Thanks to the longer wheelbase and slacker head angle you won’t lose any time on the downhills either.

The Raft XC has a lightweight carbon fiber frame that has mounting points for 2 bottle cages inside the front triangle. Other mounting points allow you to carry tools or other accessories such as a top tube pack on the bike. 

Start configuration
Raft XC

Ridley Elite Carbon

Our carbon is manufactured by world market leader: Toray. The Japanese manufacturer is leader in every aspect of carbon development and supplier to absolute top world brands in many industries. For the Elite Series, we use every type of available carbon: 60T, 50T, 30T and 24T.

The higher the 'Ton', the higher the tensile strength of the carbon fibers and the more intensive the development and processing. With 60T, you may need fewer layers of carbon to achieve the desired stiffness as well as the lightest possible bike, but if you built the whole frame with 60T you'd have a very uncomfortable, over-responsive ride. Hence, a mix of 24T, 30T, 50T and 60T carbon is essential as each carbon serves a certain purpose in perfectly balancing stiffness, weight and comfort.

Each bike's unique carbon mix is dependent on its purpose, such as climbing, endurance, etc. In addition, each area of each frame requires its own unique mix depending on its function such as to provide comfort or stiffness. It is here, in the unique carbon compositions, where Ridley makes the difference!

As all our professional teams ride our Ridley Elite Series bikes - including the likes of Tim Wellens, Caleb Ewan or Thomas De Gendt, this means that your bike is treated with the exact same care as theirs.

Ridley Elite Carbon

Advanced Position Geometry (APG)

The geometry is fully adapted to the intended use of the bicycle and the terrain.

The geometry is incredibly versatile and it makes the bike the perfect partner in

crime for all your races and offroad escapades.

Advanced Position Geometry (APG)

Suspension Setup

Made For 100 up to 120mm suspension

We chose to make the geometry suitable for different kind of riders,

A 100mm setup makes It easier to maneuver and give a more plush ride on the trail

As for the 120mm improves the handling on higher speed when riding over bumps and rocks and down country terrain.

Suspension Setup

Race Proven MTB

This Ridley mountain bike, ridden by the renowned KMC MTB Team, is engineered with advanced suspension, durable materials, and precise handling to take on the most challenging terrain. Whether you're tackling steep climbs, technical descents, or rugged trails, the Ridley mountain bike delivers top-tier performance and reliability for any serious rider.
Race Proven MTB

Bikepacking Optimized Frame Mounts

The frame has different mounts on the downtube, under the downtube and the seattube. Depending on the frame model, this can be 2, 3 or 4 mounts. These mounts will give you the opportunity to adapt your setup to the use of the bike: position your bottles in combination with a frame bag, using a toolmount in combination with a bottlecage. We have spent a lot of time to determine the optimal position for these mounts on the frame so you can optimize your personal setup

Bikepacking Optimized Frame Mounts

Dropper Post Ready

A dropper post is one of the biggest cycling innovations in the last decade. It has made riding all types of bikes easier, safer, and more efficient. The main benefit of a dropper post is increased safety while riding the lever system allows you to quickly move the saddle out of the way when approaching descents or trail obstacles. With the saddle out of the way, you’re able to be in the appropriate riding position to handle upcoming variations in terrain without fear of your saddle pitching you over the handlebars.

Dropper Post Ready

UDH Hanger

The universal derailleur hanger (UDH) is the new standard in the cycling world. Not only is this derailleur hanger compatible with all modern shifting groups, it also protects against derailleur breakage and chain drops. In mountain biking, UDH has long been very common, and Ridley is bringing the technology to other segments as well.

UDH Hanger


  • Frame
    RAFT, Elite Series, 100/120mm travel, UDH, Boost 12x148, multiple mounting points, dropper post ready
  • Frame Level
    Elite Series
  • Fork
    RockShox SID SL Rush , 100mm
  • Groupset
    Sram X01 mix 1x12sp
  • Electric bike
  • Crank
    SRAM Stylo 7K Eagle 175mm , 32T
  • Rear Derailleur
    SRAM X01 Eagle , 12s
  • Cassette
    SRAM XG-1275 Eagle , 10-52T , 12s
  • Front Wheel
    DT Swiss X1900 Spline , 29Inch , Tubeless ready
  • Rear Wheel
    DT Swiss X1900 Spline, 29er , TA 12x148mm , Clincher-TLR , 25mm Internal Width
  • Handlebar
    4ZA Stratos Flatbar , 740mm
  • Stem
    Forza Stratos , 70 mm , Black Glossy
  • Brake Type
    Flat Mount
  • Front Brake
    SRAM Level TL DB
  • Rear Brake
    SRAM Level TL DB , Flat Mount
  • Rear Shock
    RS SIDLUXE SEL+ RO 190X40 DB1 AWT 430SS A1 CY23
  • Seatpost
    Ridley Dropper post , 31.6mm , 100mm travel
  • Saddle
    Selle Italia Model Y , Black
  • Outer Tyre
    Vittoria Barzo XCR , 29x2.25 , TLR , Tan-Black
  • Max Tire Clearance 700c (*)
    29" x 2.4"
  • Material
  • Paint Finish
  • Size
  • Range
  • Weight Limit
    110 KG (Bike included)
  • EAN
  • Pedals
    Not included **
  • Warranty period
    2 years (+ 3 years after registration)


What is my size?
B 420 440 480 520
C 564 594 620 640
D 95 100 115 135
E 76.3 76 76 76
F 67.5 67.5 67.5 67.5
G 435 435 435 435
H 47 47 47 47
I 1125 1153 1181 1204
S 589 594 608 626
R 420 446 469 484

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Raft XC

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Help & support

How can we help?

What is the seatpost diameter?

The frame is designed for seatpost with a 31,6mm diameter.

What type of bottom bracket is used on the bike?

The frame uses Press-fit BB92 bottom bracket standard.

Which headset type is used?

We use an oversized headset with 1 1/2" upper bearing and 1 1/2" lower bearing (IS52 | IS52)

Is the frame dropper post ready?

The frame is dropperpost ready.

Which seatpost clamp should be used on the frame

The frame is designed for seatpost with a 31,6mm diameter with a seatpost clamp of 34,9mm (Ridley article code SPCSNG4ZA011)

What is the weight of a Raft frame?

The weight of an unpainted frame is between 1834gr and 2028gr depending on the size

What travel does the frame allows?

The frame is developped for 100 to 120mm travel forks.

What is the maximum tire clearance of the Raft?

The frame can take up to 29x2,6" for all sizes

Which TA model is used on the frame?

The frame needs a 12mm TA for BOOST spacing (148mm) with a thread of 1.0mm (Ridley article code QRET124ZA045)

Can I use a remote lock-out on my Raft?

The frame from the Raft has internal cablerouting through the headset for the lock-out.

What brake mount is used?

The frame is developped for flatmount brakes for 160mm or 180mm rotor using an adapter

Which suspension hardware do I need for my rear shock?

The rear shock uses standard mounting hardware: 8x16 shaft hardware and a 8x22 body hardware.

What is the travel of the suspension system?

The frame is developped for 100mm travel (190x40) or 120mm travel (190x45) rear shock on the same frame.

Which small parts do I need for different setups?

Check the following tables for the different groupset setups

What shock lenght does the Raft use?

2 shock types can be used: 190x40 for 100mm travel or 190x45 for 120mm travel

Which hanger do I need?

The uses the Sram Universal Derailleur Hanger (UDH). This means you will find easily a replacement hanger wherever you are as it is a standardised hanger (Ridley article code HANUDHSRA001)

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